November Round Up – Our Favorite Income Reports From Around the Web

November Round Up – Our Favorite Income Reports From Around the Web

Today we take a look around the internet at our favorite income reports from around the web. These articles bring together seven to ten bloggers to see what they did in the past month. Some of these people will be fresh for this month while others will be regulars.

The point of this article is for all of us to learn what other bloggers are doing to bring income in each month. Hopefully, you will find something new to increase your own income next month.

Speaking of increasing income, Andrew had another great month in November!  He brought in $89.57 during the month. Check out his income report to see how he accomplished it and give him a congratulations comment at the bottom.

Here we go with this month’s featured bloggers!

Pat Flynn – $145,511.70 (August 2017)

Pat’s income has been pretty volatile the last few months. I think the only thing that goes up and down more is the price of Bitcoin. One month he is making $184,000, the next $321,000, then back down to $140,000, then up to $220,000, and finally back down to $145,511.70 this month.

I do not know about you but that would stress me out from month to month!

Now in Pat’s defense, he released a new product every month there was a spike. He has done a very nice job creating a solid base income that he can rely on from month to month (about the $140,000 range). Then he stacks on that foundation with new product releases.

He has created this foundation with a diverse set of income streams that range from affiliate income to niche sites to sponsorships to software.


Michelle Schroeder – $110,656 (November 2017)

Michelle’s numbers are always strong and consistent. She made $110,656 in November which is right around her normal range, $110,000 to $135,000.

She makes most of her income from affiliate income, the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course, sponsorships, and advertisements.

Currently, Michelle works anywhere from 10-20 hours a week on her blog reaping in all of the benefits of the hard work she put in earlier. Keep up the good work Michelle!

Lanny and Bert – Dividend Diplomats – $274.98 (November 2017 Bert’s)

Here goes the same monthly spiel about why I like to follow Lanny and Bert’s adventure for two reasons. One, they are two best friends seeking financial freedom just like Andrew and I. Second, you can get two different perspectives on dividend investing from one place!

This month we will look at Bert’s November dividend income report. Bert had a stunning 71.66% increase compared to his 2016 November numbers bringing his total to $274.98.

Well done Bert!

Curious as to what the heck dividend income is? Andrew explains it really well in his What are Dividends and Dividend Investing article. Check it out to learn more!


Jay – Dividend Miracle – $138.80 (November 2017)

This month we introduce several new bloggers to the income report. This is nothing against the other bloggers who were on the report before. I just wanted to introduce some new blood to this post so we can all learn from other people. First up is Jay from Dividend Miracle.

Jay started building up his dividend income to help his family gain financial freedom. This money will hopefully be passed down to his daughter and generations after that.

This month they brought in $138.80 from a wide array of dividend stocks. I’m actually really impressed by the list. Check it out as you might learn a new one to invest in.

Jay has a very nice and clean strategy to gaining extra income from dividends. Andrew has also written up what his strategy is in his My Dividend Investing Strategy.

Leah – The Sweetest Way – $1933.53 (September 2017)

The Sweetest Way might be my favorite new blog. I love to travel but do not get to like I would like to. Darn you adult responsibilities!

Anyways, I always love a good blog that I can live my dreams of traveling through. The cool thing about Leah from The Sweetest Way is she just started reporting her income reports a few months ago from the work she does while traveling. We get the best of two worlds!

Leah talks about creating passive income so you can travel around the globe. She also talks about gaining location independence, which sounds pretty cool!

She currently makes most of her money from advertisements, affiliate income, sponsorships, and e-books. Pretty sweet!

Keep up the good work Leah and I look forward to following your adventures in the future!

Reverse the Crush – $5.14 (November 2017)

Reverse the Crush is fairly new to the dividend investing world starting just six months ago. He is off to a great start bringing in $5.14 in November from 2 companies.

Reverse the Crush has a goal to make $1,500 each month from only dividend income. This will allow him to leave the 9 to 5 job to focus on blogging full time.

We wish him the best of luck in the coming months. Keep up the good work!

Samantha – Recipe This – $29,171.58 (2017)

Recipe This is a food blog run by food addict Samantha. We have never featured a food blog and I thought it would be fun mainly because I love food and cooking my self.

This income report focuses on ALL of the income Recipe This made during 2017. They make their money from a very diverse set of income streams. These range from sponsorships, Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, consulting, advertisements, and so much more!

Recipe This will be a fun blog to follow in the future.


We can learn from Pat’s volatile income stream to have a solid income base. For me, right now, that is my day job until Wallet Squirrel starts taking off. You will need this in case things go sideways.

Do you have a solid base income that would support your family?

If you are looking to diversify your income sources more. Check out our Ways to Earn More Money page. Here Andrew and I personally review as many different ways to earn extra money as we can to help you decide if it is right for you.

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