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Income Report – December, 2017

If you ever asked yourself “Can I make money online?”. The answer is yes. I can say with complete accuracy that through the entire year of 2017, through side hustling, learning new tricks and perfecting everything we do on Wallet Squirrel. I made money online. I made $2,197.81 in 2017. Can you freaking believe that??? […]

Teespring Review: Make Money Designing Custom T-Shirts

Teespring Review: Make Money Designing Custom T-Shirts This is the second time I ever tried Teespring, but my first time writing a Teespring Review. As a designer, this is a fun way to earn extra money designing fun tee shirts and other gear. You essentially design funny/clever t-shirts and then market them to be sold. […]

Income Report – November, 2017

Every month I publish our income reports. These are a “behind the curtains” look at how much Wallet Squirrel (Andrew & Adam) make online. As well as what we do with it. Typically Adam takes his share of our extra monthly income and pays off his debt and Andrew (me) uses his portion to invest […]