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Who We Are at Wallet Squirrel

Wallet Squirrel (out of Denver, Colorado) is an amusing personal finance blog by Andrew Kraemer and Adam Olson filled to the brim with articles, jokes, comics and anecdotes on finding creative ways to make extra money for the purpose of saving and investing.

One of the biggest excuses WHY people haven’t started saving is “I don’t have any extra money to save“. Even those who have saved/budgeted/pinched every penny. So we find hundreds of new, exciting ways to make extra money from us driving for Uber, winning money from fitness step apps, to stock photography. All to provide a template for our audience to save and invest extra money for their future.

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Wallet Squirrel started in 2015 and since then built a community of amazing people. According to Google Analytics, our audience is primarily men (70%) and women (30%) from the United States, between the ages of 24 to 45. These are people who are looking for the tools/services to help them work at home, build a side-hustle and need advice on money management. *Updated March 1, 2021 or see our latest Income Reports for recent metrics.


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Advertising + Pricing

Our revenue model on Wallet Squirrel is primarily supported through website ads and affiliate commissions. However, we recognize there are opportunities to partner with amazing organizations so we identified these below.

When we say partnerships, we are in this together. As we continue to grow, so does the content we created together.

Please know we are immensely proud of our website and will not accept poor quality or negotiate our rates. In fact, we only accept a few partnerships each quarter due to our rigorous review process. So please send us your first, absolute best pitch or it’ll be trashed.

Sponsored Post / Review

Cost: $300

These are posts that feature a particular product or service. This cost covers our review time and placement on Wallet Squirrel. Here is a great example of what a sponsored post can look like. This provides one do-follow link lasting 1-year (renewable annually).

Additional Options for Sponsored Posts

Wallet Squirrel to write the Sponsored Post/Review For You

Costs: $499

Andrew and Adam can write the sponsored post for you, using our own voice. This will be a completely honest review or highlight of your product/service. This post will get more attention as it’s written by the site owners. Please note, if we don’t like the product, we’ll let you know beforehand.

Turn Your Post Into a YouTube Video

Costs: $399 Per Video.

We will take your post and convert the content to a professional video for our YouTube channel. This will reach additional audiences and provide additional links for your product/service.

Syndicate Your Post to 60+ News Sites

Costs: $399

We will syndicate your sponsored post to over 60 news sites. We’ve found that syndication is a great idea to expand your reach with additional authoritative websites and get more traffic to your sponsored post.

Press Release

Costs: $399

We will create a press release related to your post and build additional links through its distribution. Press releases are a great way to get additional links, build brand recognition and receive more traffic.

Sweepstakes Partnership

Costs: $899 (Includes Prize $250 Value)

We will host a large sweepstake give-a-way related to your brand and promote the sweepstakes on 60 additional websites. Contestants are incentivized to follow your brand’s social media platforms and email list for additional entries into the contest. This is a great way to build your brand reputation along with your social media following and email subscribers.

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