All the money we make each month through our different money experiments, we add to our savings here. We do this to show you where our money goes, track our progress, and prove it’s possible to save.

Not only do we save our money, we put that savings to work through different investments like the stock market, peer-to-peer lending and more. This page list all the ways that we’re currently investing our savings to make more money by building an entire portfolio just from the extra money we make online!

Everything we earn online, we invest in the different ways below.

Investment Portfolio

I invest in the stock market (it’s not scary). All the stocks I own are in the table below, which automatically updates every hour! I primarily focus on dividend stocks, investing through the Robinhood App with $0 commission fees. This way I receive a regular paycheck, in the form of dividends, from the following companies just for being a shareholder. A true passive income. Cool, right?

Lending Club

I started a Lending Club (here is my review of Lending Club) account a while ago. Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending platform. So people can get a loan to pay off their credit card or do home maintenance at a lower interest rate than they could a bank. Instead of a bank giving them money, you have a community of people lending them money. When they pay back the loan, those lenders who lent the money, make interest on those payments.

I keep my Lending Club account going because it’s what I refer to as my “International Bank of Andrew”. I’m lending people money and they’re paying it back with interest.

Domain Names

This isn’t the traditional type of investing, but it’s definitely an alternative form of investing like Lending Club. The idea is that you buy a website domain and then later sell it for a profit, it’s called Domain Flipping. I’m personally making money from this investment by advertisements whenever anyone goes to these domains. I have 2 domains at $12 each.