The Beginning

I first thought I’d create a WordPress site and sound like an expert in dividend investing. I set it up in a week and when I laid down my finger tips to the keyboard to type the first post “What is Dividend Investing” I froze like a deer in headlights. Why would I assume to know more than you about dividend investing? That was stupid.

Scratch that and let’s be real, legit or whatever the kids are saying today. I love to receive money (notice I didn’t say earn) and who wouldn’t? Money is awesome. It won’t BUY happiness but it’ll buy you a boat and people with boats are happy, right? I’m pretty sure Chris Janson (country singer) wrote a song about that.

How I view Investing

Have you ever played a video game where you’re economy relies on you building refineries that constantly produce resources for you? You wait long enough, or build enough refineries, you will have enough money to build a giant army and crush/destroy/annihilate your foes. That’s how I see dividend investing, but instead of winning the game, you can retire early.

Personally I hate the “R” word, retire. It’s so far away. The idea that you have to have less money now when you’re young and able to spend it, to then save it so you can use it when you’re old. Yay, you can play more golf…… That is a sarcastically view, but I do realize it’s importance.

Yet, the idea of saving or throwing money into a big pot (401k) and hoping that it won’t run out when you actually retire sounds ridiculous. People are living longer than ever and $1,000,000 spread  over 10 years is REALLY different spread across 40 years.

With dividend investing (not a new concept) I would love to have $1,000,000 all invested in dividend producing stocks generating 4% a year for me. I can totally live on $40,000 a year while I STILL having my $1,000,000 in the bank growing. Plus how cool would it be to pass it on to your kids (I currently have none) so that they would have $40,000 a year for the rest of their lives and their kid’s lives? Can anyone say college?

I still have college loans I’m paying off and I wish someone in my family did this for me. I’m hoping one my grandchildren (again, still no kids yet) reflect upon the night sky while he contemplates his zero debt and say “Man, Grandpa Andrew was pretty awesome”. I can dream.

How to pay for investing

Now I pretty much make peanuts now, which like most people do, sucks. How the hell can I get to $1,000,000 saving peanuts? What about that gigantic, whimsical, time sucking internet? You can’t throw a rock without someone saying they have made money online. So why can’t I?

While I have started my own list of how to make money online. I plan to test each of these. If it works, then I’ll add that revenue to my dividend portfolio. It’s the best way to use free money. I’ll still share the results here because I don’t want you to waste your time either. Let’s face it, I like you alone for the fact you’re reading this. So yes, I’ll share what works and doesn’t for my portfolio.

This is how it begins.

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  1. DNN
    DNN says:

    If this is your 1st official blog post, then I’m your first. The beginning is always humble beginnings. And looks at how close you are today to becoming a future “side hustle millionaire?” It’s going on 3 years now since your side hustle blogging venture began and you should be proud of yourself. 🙂

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