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Income Report – January 2016

I knew this day would come, a sub $70 month. It’s OK though, I’ve been trying some different stuff. I’ve started living on a budget and with less expenses, comes less cashback from my credit card. I do love making extra on my cashback card, but it’s still worth more saving. I’m not a frugal […]

Lending Club Review, My Experience Investing With Them

Traditionally if you wanted to get to loan to pay off credit card debt, loan consolidation or even build a pool in the backyard you’d have to go through a bank. You’d wait for a loan officer, fill out paperwork and then explain why you need the money. Now Lending Club is something different. They use […]

Latest Stock Buys (how I spent $1,000)

To be safe, I usually keep some cash in my checking and saving account. If I have too little cash, I may not have enough liquid to cover emergencies. If I have too much cash, then my money is just sitting there only earning 1% interest. So what do I do when I have too […]

No more survey apps, they just don’t pay well

Here’s the thing, I started this post reviewing Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites out there and I just wrapped up the last three hours building wealth. OK, it was more like brain melting surveys that made less than $1. That is when I just said forget survey apps. Yes, I […]

Toluna Review, How I almost made $30 answering surveys

Summary Toluna is a survey site. The more surveys you answer, the more points you can earn. The minimum payout for cash is $30 via PayPal rewarded after 90,000 points. Now after 4 hours of surveys I only made 8,020 points. Sigh. So to make $30 I would need to spend 45 hours answering questions. […]

Income Report – December

I try to share all of my income I’ve received over the last month. My additional income goes toward my dividend portfolio so the goal is to eventually have my dividends be the largest income each month. While I’m not there yet, I have had a great month! Even better than November ($61.19). My biggest […]

My Dividend Investing Strategy

Screw chasing yields, I’ve never been into that. Usually high yields means the company is bleeding money. You’ll see some dividend investors taking large stakes in companies with over 15% yields. That’s just crazy. They’ll usually see their investment dwindle down because most companies can’t support that. Here are the rules I follow: 1. Only […]

My Latest Stock Buys

It’s exciting whenever I have extra cash to buy stocks. These are the latest purchases to get me caught up on all the stocks I’ve bought over the last couple months. Each of these are stocks are dividend producing stocks, which in a couple years (like 20), these will be my monthly paycheck. Realty Income […]

Best Survey Sites That Pay Cash

 The only reason anyone should take a survey is to get paid or to help out a college friend who is working on their class thesis. I’m going to focus on the former. Here is my list of the best survey sites that pay cash. As always, I recommend any cash you make, invest it. […]