Toluna Review, How I almost made $30 answering surveys

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Toluna is a survey site. The more surveys you answer, the more points you can earn. The minimum payout for cash is $30 via PayPal rewarded after 90,000 points. Now after 4 hours of surveys I only made 8,020 points. Sigh. So to make $30 I would need to spend 45 hours answering questions. That’s roughly $0.66 per hour. Not worth it.

Toluna Review

What is Toluna: Toluna is purely a survey site where anyone can answer online surveys (via website or mobile app) and receive cash for their answers. Toluna can do this because they are paid by marketing companies to get the opinions of the public for specific questions. Toluna has the audience and marketing companies will pay to tap that audience for information.

Signing up: Toluna was incredibly easy to set up, all it needs is an email and password.


  • It pays cash via PayPal. While they give a lot of gift card options early on, if you save, there is a PayPal option. Cash is king.
  • They have plenty of surveys. I’ve come across some survey sites that only have 1-2 surveys a day, but with Toluna that was not the case.
  • Online webpage is very simple to use. The surveys and rewards are easy to see and access.


  • If a survey will tell you it takes 20 minutes to complete, always double or triple that time.
  • The mobile app is frustrating. I will say they recognize this and have made attempts to improve but it hasn’t done the job. My two complaints are for one (1.) They mix in paid surveys with user polls, where any user can post questions to the general audience and since they are mixed in, you sometimes can spend time answering user polls that  don’t pay you. My second (2.) when you select a survey it takes you to a website outside of the app and I once spent 20 min answering a survey before it bugged out not giving me any credit. I forever used my computer from then on.
  • A lot of surveys will start with preliminary questions such as race, age, sex and general questions such as do you drive to work. After 5 min of answering this generic questions it will then tell you, that you are not qualified to take this survey. Again time wasted.
  • In regards to the above con, being a white, male will eliminate you from a lot of surveys. This is just my experience with many different types of survey sites.
  • Most importantly it only pays $0.66 per hour if you choose the PayPal option. That is a little low.

Personal note: For $0.66 an hour, I would be better off taking a 8 hour car ride to Kansas City (City of Fountains) to walk around the streets picking up loose change from water fountains for 29 hours and still make it back with more money than I could have made with Toluna. Oh those surveys were mind numbing.

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  1. DividendDreamer
    DividendDreamer says:

    I have had very little luck in any of the survey stuff I worked on over the years. I am with you on that subject. Seems like someone must be making something somewhere along the line. However, I really do not see a real upside to surveys.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer
    AKA — Seeking Dividends

    Follow me on Twitter– Seeking Dividends@DividendDreamer

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Ha ha ha I just finished it. I’m publishing it on Wednesday but I am officially over survey apps. I haven’t even found one survey site yet that you can get over $1 an hour. Trying something different this week.


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