My Honest Ibotta App Review – Is it worth the time?

My Honest Ibotta App Review – Is it worth the time?


Today I want to give you my honest ibotta app review. We will look at the application together to see if it is worth the time spent for the cash they give you back.

Today’s ibotta app review is fairly short. This is because ibotta’s process is just that simple. As I write this review, I keep scrolling through the ibotta app to try to find more to talk about. This is why I was thoroughly impressed with the overall process of getting the rebate deposited into my account.

The question is, “Was it worth my time?”

Spoiler Alert! Yes, it is very much worth the time. Here is why…

Who is ibotta (I bought a…)?

First, let us start off with a quick review who ibotta is.

Ibotta is a startup based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in giving you cash back for purchases you make at particular stores. In fact, they have over 300 stores to select from including Amazon, Uber, Target, Kroger, and so on.

Ibotta makes their money off of affiliate income from the stores they partner with. A consumer goes to a store to purchase an item and redeems the rebate within the ibotta app. That store then credits ibotta for pointing the consumer to them. Ibotta also makes some money off of the little tasks you have to complete before adding a rebate (more up next).

Here is how that works. A consumer goes to a store to purchase an item and redeems the rebate within the ibotta app. That store then credits ibotta for pointing the consumer to them. Ibotta also makes some money off of the little tasks you have to complete before adding a rebate (more up next).

Ibotta also makes some money off of the little tasks you have to complete before adding a rebate (more up next).

How does the app work?

Within the ibotta app, you will want to add rebates from your favorite stores. This is done in the ‘Find Rebates’ section and clicking on the plus symbol on items that interest you.

Every time you do add a rebate, you must complete a very short task. So far all I have seen are one question surveys. I am not sure if there are other tasks or not though I have heard there are videos they have you watch. So far these tasks have been really simple.

There are three different ways to get money back through the ibotta app. The first is by sending a receipt back to ibotta. Secondly, you can link a loyalty card from your favorite stores. Lastly, you can make mobile in-app purchases.

My favorites are the last two methods because they require essentially no work. We will walk through all three methods for this ibotta app review though.


By Receipt

The process was fairly simple as it only consists of four major steps:

1. Find Rebates
Here you will want to hop into ibotta app to search for rebates. I like to go into the ‘Find Rebates’ section which allows me to see my favorite stores that I bookmarked. Once I selected a
store, I start searching for any rebate that applied to what I needed.
2. Go Shopping
After you get the rebates locked and loaded, it is time to go shopping! Don’t forget to head to the store before the rebate expires.
3. Redeem
Once you get back from the store it is time to hop back into the ibotta application. Here you will want to select the ‘Redeem’ button to take a picture of the receipt as well as the bar code of the
product you bought.
4. Get Cash
They promise you will get your rebate within 48 hours. Mine was dropped to me within an hour. I was really impressed at the speed!

Link a Loyalty Card

This is my favorite method to gain rebates through the ibotta app. Here you only have to link up a loyalty card to your favorite stores, for me, King Soopers.

Here is what you need to do to get it set up:

1. Link Loyalty Card
Link up your loyalty card from your favorite stores (that are in the ibotta network) to your ibotta account. You can either use your loyalty card number or phone number. How cool is that?!?!
2. Find Rebates
Just like in the ‘By Receipt’ method head over to the ibotta app to search for rebates. Add the rebates you want.
3. Go Shopping
Head to the store you linked up to, using your loyalty card or phone number during check out. Because ibotta can see that transaction through your loyalty card they will take care of the rest.
4. Get Cash
Within 48 hours you should see the rebate deposited into your account.

Mobile In-App Purchases

1. Find Rebates
Before heading to any of the shopping mobile apps that ibotta has partnered with, find the right rebate for what you need.
2. Launch App
Within the ibotta app, open up the shopping mobile app such as Amazon.
3. Go Shopping
Find the product you are looking for. Make sure it qualifies for the rebate!
4. Get Cash
Ibotta will confirm that the rebate is pending. Within 48 hours you should see the rebate deposited into your account.

Getting Your Cashback

When I first set out to start researching for this ibotta app review I thought to myself, “There is no way it is going to be this easy to get the rebate back.” I found from past experiences that most companies make you go through so many loop holes just to get paid.

To my surprise, receiving the rebate back was super-efficient. It was not 60 minutes later when I received my cash into my ibotta account.

There are many options to withdraw this cash to be able to use. They give you the option to deposit to your PayPal or Venmo account. There are also options to buy gift cards as well!

Sadly, there is one loop hole you have to jump through. There is a $20 minimum before you can withdraw your rebate cash.

But, Hey! This ibotta app review could not be all positive news!

I guess that is better compared to the $100 minimum the Stock Photography sites that I participate with have.


Other Helpful Tips

When I first launched the ibotta app for this review, it prompts me to find favorite stores. Do not skip this step as I enjoy having my favorite stores easy to find at the top of the ‘Find Rebates’ section. On the ‘Featured’ page, this will also automatically pull to the top any featured item from your favorite stores making it easier to find more awesome stuff.

Secondly, there is a teamwork feature that allows you to link with friends through Facebook. This program allows you to earn cash quicker. I have not tried this feature yet but ibotta claims, “The bigger your team, the faster and easier it is to earn Teamwork Bonuses.”

Finally, check out the ‘Bonuses’ page under your ‘Account’ page. Here there are some more direct rebates from companies. You might find something special for you.


My Final Thoughts

So, now that we have looked over all of the major elements, let’s take a final glance for this ibotta app review.

I really like the app and the concept it has brought to the shopping front. They really have nailed the process down to a science which provides a smooth experience. Because everything runs like a well-oiled machine, I do not see this company slowing down at all.

I am not totally sure that my shopping methods work well for ibotta or any couponing. My personal belief is that I do not need to go shopping just because I have a coupon. My wife and I make a menu for the up and coming week based on recipes we enjoy a lot. Then we see if there are any coupons for those recipes. Typically, there are not many.

Maybe we need to change our menu’s to revolve around the coupons instead.

How do you handle coupons? Have you tried Honey yet?

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Ebates Review – I wish I started this 2 years ago

Ebates Review Blog Post Image

Three weeks ago, I received a message from my buddy Cameron over at SquirrelBox suggesting to do an Ebates Review. I initially scoffed because I DON’T NEED ANOTHER APP!

You, like me, have seen “Ebates” pop up on your social media and thought the same thing. So let me explain what Ebates is.

SPOILER: It’s awesome, and not just another app.

Ebates Review – What is it?

Ebates is an online company who partners with over 2,000+ stores (many popular stores you regularly shop at). Whenever you go to one of your favorite stores, like Amazon, from the Ebates platform and make a purchase. Amazon assumes you would have only visited their site because of Ebates and gives Ebates a 4% commission. Then Ebates passes on those savings to you, and gives you 3% cash back for your purchase.

Ebates is essentially an affiliate company that pays you to visit their site first before you start shopping.

My Experience Making Cashback with Ebates

I’m running the Bolder Boulder in 5 weeks and I need new shoes. I’ve used the same running shoes (type & size) the last 7 years, so I’m going to buy them online.

Here’s my process.

I go to and search for ASICS since I’m going to buy a new pair of ASICS from their online store. Sure enough, the ASICS store pops up and Ebates tells me right away that their partnership provides me 1.5% cash back on purchases. Cool!

Ebates Review - Asics Page


In addition, Ebates also has all of ASICS best deals right now. Also Cool!

Ebates Asics Page Deals


It doesn’t matter which deal you select, these are all just notifications. Any of them you select “Shop Now” will just send you over to the actual ASICS Homepage. You’ll see a loading screen like this.

Ebates Review - Sending Page

This entire process takes 30 seconds, now you’ll be on the ASICS page and anything you buy, you will make 1.5% cash back. Plus if you have the Ebates Chrome Extension like me, you’ll be reminded in the top right, how much you’ll save.

So as I look at my costly shoes, I’ll be reminded to of my 1.5% cash back on my $109 running shoe. So I’ll make $1.64 through Ebates on this purchase. I’ll make more since it’s my first purchase through Ebates and I used Cameron’s affiliate code (we’ll get to that in a second).

Asics Shoe Purchase


Remember, I use my 2% cash back credit card for everything, so I’ll gain an additional 2% off the purchase + plus the 1.5% from Ebates. Wahoo!

When does Ebates pay me?

Every time you make a purchase (like a new pair of ASICS), Ebates will hold onto your cashback rewards. The companies, like Amazon, ASICS, Walmart, pay Ebates and Ebates pays you, quarterly. So 4 times a year, you’ll receive a check from Ebates. This can also be PayPal or you can donate it to a charity or organization.

Here is their quarterly payout schedule:

Ebates Payout Schedule

If your account is less than $5.01, Ebates will roll that balance into next quarter’s payout. It just a lot of processing fees for them, so they do $5.01 minimum payouts. I can’t blame them for that.


If you’re thinking that my $1.64 is too small for a payout, I’m actually at $11.64 because I used a friend’s affiliate code and earned $10 extra dollars. Use my affiliate code for your $10 extra dollars.

PLUS any cashback you recieve from Ebates isn’t taxed because the IRS considers “cashback” as a “discount” to your purchase like coupons. That’s why when you sign up for Ebates, all you need is a email, password and address for them to send your “big fat check” (their phrasing), not tax forms for you to fill now.

How do YOU sign up for Ebates?

It’s easy, go to Ebates here and enter a quick email and password. No more info than that. It takes less than 30 seconds and you can start looking around their marketplace and checking out all their partnerships. You’ll only have to add your address once you’re ready to cash out.

Use my Affiliate Code!!!

If I’ve educated you enough about Ebates to at least check it out. PLEASE use my affiliate code. This way YOU will earn an extra $10 at payout and it gives us at Wallet Squirrel an extra $5 through their affiliate program, so we can pay for things like internet and electricity.

I would never recommend something unless I REALLY like it and I’m a fan of after this Ebates review. In fact, wish I started using it 2 years ago when I first started to really get into Online Shopping.

I would have $68 if I started using Ebates 2 years ago.

I wish I did this Ebates Review 2 years ago when I first started Online Shopping. I know I’m a late bloomer. My parents told me that hackers would steal ALL my info and identity, so I was terrified. Since then I’ve learned how security works, feel more secure against Nigerian Princes and now LOVE online shopping!

In the last 2 years, on Amazon alone, I have spent $1,145.64 according to my purchasing history. So since Ebates has 3% cashback on I could have made $34.36 from Ebates in the last 2 years!

Plus I spent nearly that much through Non-Amazon purchases. So if we apply the same 3% (it’s about average for Ebates), I easily could have made $68.73 in the last 2 years using Ebates.

I missed out on all this cash that I could have used to invest. Why didn’t I? Because I didn’t know how awesome saving money was, nor what Ebates was.


In the last week, I have realized what exactly Ebates is and their tons of partnership stores. This site is quite large and trustworthy at this point! Now with their Ebates Chrome Extension, I’m told how much cashback I can make at my favorite stores without even visiting the Ebates website.

I just wish I started this Ebates Review sooner and started making more cashback to start investing with.

To all my investor friends. It’s definitely worth a shot to earn some extra cash to start investing with.

Do you use Ebates?

Couponing at Its Best Using the Honey App

Couponing at Its Best Using the Honey App

Just a few months ago I stumbled upon an amazing extension for Google Chrome. This extension is called the Honey App. The Honey App sits in the background while you shop online to help you find coupons automatically. Essentially it is your own personal couponing assistant.

I must disclose right away, you will not be doing any extreme couponing with the Honey App. So you will not end up getting 728 tubes of toothpaste delivered to your front door that you only paid $1.94 for. Rather this application allows you to save some dollars that you would not know about otherwise.

Couponing with the Honey app is so simple. Video courtesy of Honey.

Setting Up the Honey App

As mentioned earlier, the Honey app helps online shoppers find coupons automatically. Honey only takes five minutes to sign up for and install.

To get started, head over to the Honey website.

In the top right hand corner of the page click on “Join Now”. Enter your email and a password. They also allow you to sign up using your Facebook account if you prefer that method.

Next, click on the giant orange “Get Honey For Free” button. This will install the Honey App extension for the browser you are using.

After that, you are done and ready to do the best couponing ever! Now you can head over to Amazon to get the best deal ever on that JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank that you have always wanted.

Using the Honey App

Really there is not much to say here. Once installed Honey does all of the work from there.

If I am on Amazon, you can see potential savings within each product page. Honey will tell you either you are getting the best deal or if you need to go to another Amazon seller for the best deal.


Showing how you could easily save $21.34 on some Bose Headphones on Amazon.


Bonus Points: The Honey app will also give you information about the price history of the product. This will allow you to see if you really are getting a good deal or not. Maybe the price of the product jumped up in the last month so you know to wait for it to drop again.

When shopping outside of Amazon, the Honey App will pop up during checkout in the right hand corner of the browser telling you that it has found some coupons. Click the “Apply Coupons” button to watch the magic start. Honey starts scanning through all of the coupons it found and tries to apply them. Once complete, Honey notifies you if any of them were a success or not.


The results have varied for me. I really have not had much success outside of Amazon. Since the Honey app is fully integrated with Amazon, it works really well there. The application tells you what other sellers are offering better deals. This allows you to easily hop over to their product page to check out the deal. Just be careful, if you are a Prime member, make sure this other offer is eligible for that service or else you might end up spending more in shipping.

Honey found 9 coupons to save some money on these sweet Nike shoes.

Honey found 9 coupons to save some money on these sweet Nike shoes.

Outside of Amazon my success has been minimal. After scanning through the coupons that pop up, I find more often most of the coupons fail. This is because Honey scans through all of the couponing websites such as Retail Me Not. Most of the coupons are out of date from these site. I have mostly received free shipping but hey that is five or ten bucks in savings right there.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love Honey! It is truly passive. Typically I forget it is even running in the background until it pops up saying that I could save some money during check out. I personally only have experience with the Honey App within Chrome. According to their website it does work on most major browsers.


The Honey App works on most major internet browsers.


For anyone that likes couponing, the Honey app is a must for your online shopping. For anyone who loves saving money this application is still a must for your online shopping.

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