Want to create your own personal finance blog or understand how I created mine? Here are the tools and resources I used to create Wallet Squirrel.

WordPress Hosting Platform – Blue Host

I’ve used iPage in the past, but I’m a HUGE fan of Bluehost. It’s SO much faster than iPage and that helps my SEO since organic traffic makes most of Wallet Squirrel’s traffic. We are currently in the transition period from switching Wallet Squirrel over to Bluehost. Plus for $150 they will transfer everything for us. So no need to hire some tech geek to do it. Bluehost takes care of everything! Sign up through this link for the awesome deal we received!

WordPress Hosting Platform – iPage


I’ve been using iPage to host my websites since 2007 with my first website Top 5 Online Universities. It no longer exists because it was awful, but what really impressed me was as soon as I registered. iPage called me from an Illinois call center to ask if I had any questions. They helped me over my first-time jitters and made me feel comfortable. When you sign up, there is a 1-click WordPress integration that makes it incredibly simple to set up your first WordPress website. Since then I’ve hosted several WordPress websites all through one account I pay a little over $10 a month for.

WordPress Theme – Enfold by Themeforest

enfold-theme-photoI absolutely love Themeforest and all their WordPress themes. They have a great user platform with themes easily installable onto a WordPress hosted server as well as offer other amenities such as stock photography and vector art that I’ve used in the past. If you’re not a designer, this is a great market place to get designer like quality for reasonable prices. I’ve designed over 3 different niche websites using this one flexible WordPress Theme. In total, the theme cost $60 with great support

Brokerage Account – Robinhood

robinhood-brokerageI’m a strong supporter of Robinhood because they charge $0 fees and you can read all about why on one of my favorite posts “Robinhood App Review: I saved $420 in trading fees in 6 months“. They are purely a mobile trading platform meaning you can only access via your phone, but that hasn’t ever been a problem for me.