My Latest Stock Buys

It’s exciting whenever I have extra cash to buy stocks. These are the latest purchases to get me caught up on all the stocks I’ve bought over the last couple months. Each of these are stocks are dividend producing stocks, which in a couple years (like 20), these will be my monthly paycheck.

Realty Income (O) – 4 shares @ $46.51
Digital Realty Trust (DLR) – 2 share @$69.80
The Clorox Company (CLX) – 1 share @ 123.42
CenterPoint Energy (CNP) – 5 shares @ $18.70
LTC Properties (LTC) – 6 shares @ $42.64
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) – 1 share @ $53.20
Verizon Commutations (VZ) – 7 shares @ $45.71

I won’t touch too much on my further investment into Realty Income (O) since I expanded on this company in one of my first posts, my first stocks. This is such a great company since it’s a REIT that relies on tenants who will be in 20 – 30 year leases such as CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Tree etc. The income from those tenants go to Realty Income who, by being REIT, has to distribute 90% of that income to its shareholders. Pretty cool!

Digital Realty Trust (DLR) is another REIT that I’m excited to expand into. Like Realty Income, the business model revolves around real estate but focuses exclusively on data centers. Now why I like this. There is a large push by companies all across the board to expand into cloud computing. If this proves to be true, the Amazon, Microsoft and Apple companies of the world which are hosting cloud computing (a growing it quickly) will need a place to store all their data centers. That’s where I see Digital Realty Trust stepping in. I have increased my stake in this company by one share.

Let’s face it, everyone knows the Clorox Company (CLX) brand. It disinfects and cleans. That’s something everyone needs from hospitals to the everyday person. One of the things I like most about this company is that it’s stock price has steadily risen over the last 20 years. This is what I love. Companies that constantly produce dividends AND raise their own share price. The stock price is a little high for me, but it just keeps going up so I’m not sure if there is a bad time to get into this stock.

Oh CenterPoint Energy (CNP) what am I going to do with you? Oh wait, I sold. I picked up this stock after following Jason Fieber’s (Dividend Mantra) portfolio. He picked up this utility stock and provided an excellent description why. I think utility stocks are important and I plan to acquire quite a bit in the future. Utilities are usually incredibly reliable because they have a solid customer base and regular income since it’s a subscription based service. Now I bought this following the example of someone else without exploring it to much. So since I wasn’t 100% on board with it, I ended up bailing out on it as soon the stock went down in value. Another lesson learned, if I don’t believe in the company to succeed, I shouldn’t invest in it.

LTC Properties (LTC) is another one I threw myself blindly into after following the advice of another market guru. I try not to do that anymore. The logic was sound. LTC stands for Long-Term Care Facilities. LTC is a REIT that focuses on skilled nursing facilities. With everyone talking about the babyboomers now hitting retirement age, they need somewhere to go and LTC is one building nursing homes. Since I wasn’t completely on board with this company, as soon as the stock went down a couple dollars so I bailed. Now you need to know LTC isn’t the ONLY one building nursing homes, and I do hope to tap into this pool. I just need to do more research to find the best option that I can partner with to take advantage of aging babyboomers.

Only if I could have invested in Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) when Bill Gates was still tinkering in his garage all those years ago. Since I lack time travel, I’m investing now. A couple of years ago I would have been hesitant since Apple seemed to take over the world but hey, every office still has Windows and I don’t see that going away too soon. Plus with the company’s focus in cloud computing, Microsoft has recently grown quite a bit. The thing with cloud computing is its subscription based and those are the best type companies. Where the customers keep paying every month. I’m all about revenue streams. I will be looking for ways to increase my position in Microsoft in the future.

Now one of my most recent buys is Verizon Communications (VZ). As I said before, I love subscription based businesses and people love cell phones. I really like telecommunications because everyone has one and people are more likely now a days to go back home if they forgot their cell phone than their wallet now a days. It was a tossup between VZ and AT&T, but I like Verizon for their growth. Both of them have great yields but if I follow the trends, I see Verizon keeping on taking away market share from AT&T.

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  1. DivHut
    DivHut says:

    Lots of buys once again. I have considered LTC in the past. It’s still on my watch list but for now I am sticking with the big 3 HCP, HCN, VTR and spin off CCP for my health REITs. Of all the REITs that exist the health REITs are my fav. I also like some of the apartment REITs like AVB potentially but not at current levels. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I like your healthcare REITs a lot. I have HCP & HCN on my watch list. I just get worried about having t0o many REITs in my portfolio, I’m still stumbling my way to find a good balance. Plus I got a little worried before the fed rate hike thinking that it would destroy all the REITs considering their debts. So far they have been fairing well so I’ll likely beef up in this area.

    To be honest, it’s just so cool that you’re commenting on my choices. Have an awesome day!

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