How I Just Saved Money On A Parking Ticket

Last week as I returned to my car, I noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of my car door in a familiar yellow envelope common to Denver’s Parking Division. Not sure why they no longer put them on windshields, but my reaction was the same. F**K. However, I figured out a way to save a little on my ticket!


My day started out so well. I took a little time off work in the morning for a 8:30 am annual dental cleaning. I left the dentist office happy because there was NO CO-PAY. Apparently after talking to a few people, insurances usually cover this, but it was still a good feeling leaving knowing I had nothing to pay. Now I walked back to my car, where I park my car on the road every time I’ve been to this dentist. I’ve parked at this location multiple times before so I was used to nuances of the neighborhood.

However, this particular time as I returned to my car, I found a lovely parking ticket. I discovered that the 2 hour parking sign I always stop at, also noted that the last Wednesday of the month, April through November there was no parking. Just my luck, it was that day. What are the odds? I will note, that this is my 3rd parking ticket ever. So I’m usually pretty good. The cost of this mistake? I had to pay $50.

My Idea

Ok, this isn’t exactly rocket science, but in my rebellious nature I didn’t want to pay $50 for a parking ticket. While I usually can find a special promo code or coupons for most items. I have yet discovered the Denver Parking Division to hold such promotions, so I couldn’t save on their end. I had to save on mine.

I had 3 options. I could pay in person with cash. This would entail going to some sad, and depressing place and deal with someone who hates their job (yes, I base my Parking Division assumptions on movies). I could pay online with PayPal, which would be convenient or I could pay online with a credit card. HA! I used my 2% cash back credit card.

I paid $50, but got $1 (2% cash back) back. So in the end, I paid $49. Yes, it’s a small victory but it’s mine. The little guy can chalk this one up to a win!



Have you figured out any additional ways to save money on parking tickets?

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    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      UGH, not getting a ticket would be the easiest. Trust me, I was kicking myself when I saw that little yellow envelope in my door.

      However, in college I got a parking ticket and I guess it blew away because I never saw it. 6 months later the local police were a little upset I didn’t pay. I always recommend paying as soon as possible.


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