Income Report – February 2016

Wahoo had my highest dividend payment this month! Unfortunately the rest of my passive income streams didn’t quite measure up, but I’ll go into that later.

Dividend Income shot up to $12.14 this month, a large part to my recent acquisition of a few more shares of Realty Income (O) one of my favorite stocks. The monthly dividend company added $4.76 to my monthly dividends. That’s higher than my 1% saving account which is awesome. It validates my practice of dividend investing rather than stashing away all my income into a low-interest saving account. Even though my saving account is pretty awesome, 1% just can’t beat 4.49%. In fact all my dividend stocks have a better yield than my savings account. Coincidence? Nope, I planned that.

Even with my highest dividend payment yet, my total income (minus my primary job) was $24.95.


Additional Income

February, 2016


Interest Checking


Interest Saving


Cash Back Credit Card


Wallet Squirrel Website (Adsense)


Halloween Costume Website (Viglink)




Realty Income Corporation (O)


The Clorox Company (CLX)


The Procter & Gamble Company (PG)


Verizon Communications



Reasons why this was one of the lowest months.

  1. My Halloween Costume Website specializes in Halloween Costumes and well, it’s February so it’s not the most rocking of places right now. This usually starts ramping back up in June so I’m not too worried.
  2. My 2% Cash Back Credit Card usually averages $25.52 a month, because I use my credit card for EVERYTHING and pay it off daily so I maintain a $0 balance. Lately though, I’ve been living more on a budget and been reducing my spending. So with reduced spending, I don’t get as much cash back. I’m OK with this.

Plans for the next month.

  1. I hope to write some more content and review my Halloween Costume Website. I think this has a lot of potential and lately with Amazon recently abiding by the Colorado Sales Tax, I can become an Amazon Affiliate again. This increases my potential 10 fold because I now can sell Amazon products on my website.
  2. I’ve increased my savings account so that should add $2 in next month’s income report, very cool.
  3. I should get my first taste at my Lending Club income, I wrote a post on this earlier and now my first interest check should be coming in, in March.
  4. I’m hoping to learn what I can do about increasing my Adsense. Supposedly Pat Flynn with Smart Passive Income has been averaging around $2,000 a month with his security guard website. I need to figure out how just to get pass $1.
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  1. Dividend Clockwork
    Dividend Clockwork says:


    Keep up the great work. $12.14 of dividend income in one month is quite impressive considering the fact that you are in the early stages of building your portfolio. Like you, I too am a fan of Realty Income Corporation. I also look forward to reading your article discussing your halloween website.


  2. DivHut
    DivHut says:

    Looking good with that divvy income. Congrats on your largest month to date. As I mentioned before, you took the most important and hardest step, you started. Just keep building and growing your passive income by sticking with solid dividend payers and watch that passive income grow. Nice to see a couple names in common paying us for the month. Just stick with it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dividend Diplomats
    Dividend Diplomats says:

    Love seeing that dividend income grow. That’s the beauty of dividend investing right there. I love the diversity of your income stream. Sure, it sucks that you didn’t earn as high of rewards via cash back. However, the cause of the decrease was a result of you spending less and I am assuming your budget crackdown far exceeds the cash back rewards. So really, that is a huge positive swing that you didn’t factor into your income summary this month.

    Take care!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats


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