Income Report – December, 2020

Let’s end 2020 with a bang, and what better way than with our Income Report?

Ok, let’s be honest. We end every month with our Income Report because we freaking love these things. It’s a chance to reflect on all the passive income, active income, and progress we’ve made on Wallet Squirrel!

What We Accomplished in December!

  • Our Domain Authority jumped up to 56! This is a big deal as it’s Google’s way of saying Wallet Squirrel is legit and knows their stuff!
  • Refreshed a few articles
  • LOTS of emails

I can’t say December was a super busy month because Adam and I primarily spent it with our families. It’s really hard to balance writing articles while getting quality family time in. So we choose family and regret nothing.

What Our Website Traffic Looks Like

Since we shot up in our Domain Authority, our traffic has also jumped. This is reflected in our visitors, page views, and advertising revenue. We’re hoping to better take advantage of this in 2021.

If any of you are shocked that we share our real traffic numbers, it’s understandable. Most people say they’re big shots but never show their actual visitors. We enjoy sharing this because it fits our whole mentality of being transparent to our readers.

How Much Money We Made in December

For the month of December, our income came in at $343.99. We would have broken $500 again had it not been for one vendor payment being delayed. No worries, it just means our January, 2021 revenue will be epic!

We have an extensive section on ways to make money where we’ve written in-depth about everything we try, but here are the highlights from income we made in December.



Monthly Expenses for November

We talk a lot about our blog (how to start a blog) because we continue to find it as one of the best ways to make money, but it’s also relatively inexpensive to run.

Monthly Expenses – $235

  • Bluehost ($36) – hosting service
  • Sitelock ($8) – extra security add-on from Bluehost
  • Domain Name ($2) – so we can reserve the domain name
  • Bloom ($7) – our creative email signup forms.
  • Tailwind ($14) – our super awesome Pinterest marketing tool.
  • Money Mix Insiders ($166) – Great mastermind group for finance bloggers + Moz Membership

What’s Next for January, 2021

Lots of planning in January. I love the Elon Musk quote “how do I accomplish my 10-year plan in 6 months?”. So I’ve been busy planning out 10 years of Wallet Squirrel, what it can become, and how to get there. Then focusing on how we can do that all in 6 months.

I’m super excited about this plan!

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  1. DNN
    DNN says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I see you’re still bringing in side hustle dough. Glad to see you’re still hanging in there. Anything I can do to help? 🙂

  2. Wallet Squirrel
    Wallet Squirrel says:

    I’m super glad you like them. It’s a bit nerve-wracking sharing these details. It’s like co-workers sharing how much everyone gets paid. Kind of a vulnerable feeling. Hopefully, it helps other bloggers though!

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