Income Report – December, 2016

Every blog does an expansive end of the year recap, let’s not do that.

The beginning of the year was off to a solid start and slipped by the end of the year due to me moving downtown. Yes, downtown has been rough on me. Every weekend there is something to do. So I’ve spent time with friends at bars, comedy clubs and random weekend events that could not have possibly been passed up.

In short, it’s been awesome. Especially since my passive income has continuously grown. Yay dividends.


For next year (small goals):

  1. Be more consistent with the articles.

That’s really my only goal. I enjoy writing but sometimes I’m a bit hard on myself so I take too much time to write a solid article. Err writing. It’s both hard and exciting.

Let’s aim for an awesome and productive 2017!

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  1. DivHut
    DivHut says:

    Yay dividends is right! Nice to see that dividends make up a good portion of your overall passive income stream. A handful of solid companies paying you too. Curious to see a LC update from you. I know that IH just started in that path and I’m curious to know your experience with it since you have been doing it for some time. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to further sold updates.

  2. Dividends 4 Future
    Dividends 4 Future says:

    Excellent to see the dividends being the largest share. I started focusing on dividend growth last year instead of just chasing yields. YOur portfolio makeup is very similar to mine. Good to see another fellow blogger using Robinhood also. I thought there weren’t any out there.

    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      Thanks, Dividends 4 Future. That’s cool to hear our portfolio’s are similar. It’s almost like a fingerprint, even among dividend investors that all of our portfolios have similar components but there are a few extra stocks that set us apart. Going to check out your portfolio now. =)


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