SEMrush Review – How To Get Great Website And Blog Post Ideas

The secret sauce separating hobbyists and full-time professional bloggers are SEO tools like SEMrush. This SEMrush Review covers how it works.


108+ Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money in 2021 (Great for Beginners)

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How To Make Money on Pinterest (From Day 1)

If you are looking to generate serious side cash, look no further. What if I told you that people are making more money on Pinterest per month than at their day job? Welcome modern side-hustler! If you are looking to generate serious side cash, look no further. What if I told you that people are making more money on Pinterest per month than at their day job? That’s right, just by dedicating a portion of their free time! It’s more than possible to make anywhere from $20-$200 a day to upwards of 10k a month, with or without a blog and with absolutely no experience.

I know you’re thinking, “But I don’t have a following. I’ve only used Pinterest for inspiration and DIY projects, how do I reach potential followers?”

Create content about your passions! The beauty of Pinterest is that it’s a search engine for images and a platform for creating boards and pins about what you love. So like Kevin Cosner in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, [they] will come.” Beginners find applications like Canva or Stencil useful when creating pins.

You can start a blog, sell handmade items, become a virtual assistant, teach, promote brands and companies and so much more. Even if you don’t want to start a blog, build an audience of a few thousand followers with your boards and pins and marketers will start to reach out.

How to Make Money on Pinterest With A Blog

First things first, start a blog! You’re much more likely to make money by starting a self-hosting blog with a web hosting company that isn’t free. People are less likely to take you seriously if you work through WordPress or any other free blogging platform. Find a cheap web hosting company that suits your needs and budget and choose a domain name.

Set up your page and start writing content for your blog. You’re going to want to write at least 5-10 helpful posts about your niche to introduce yourself to your audience. If you are unsure what you want to write about, use a market demand guidance application like SEMrush to see what people are searching for. Make sure that you pick a niche that you are love learning/writing about as you are going to be dedicating a bit of your free time to it.

Now, sign up for a Pinterest business account and create pins. Join at least 10-15 group boards and make as many boards as you can about your niche. This is also an optimal time to vitalize your profile and add useful keywords that will drive more Pinterest traffic to you.

As soon as you are running your blog and Pinterest account, you can get paid to display ads on your blog. The more traffic your blog receives, the more you will make. Google Adsense is a great place to start. They pay very little, but they do not require a minimum number of page views to get paid. When you have more views you can apply to other ad networks that pay higher and better relate to your niche.

You can also make money through affiliate links and products. These companies will reward you with a small commission when a sale is made through your blog. Be sure to link the affiliate product or URL on your blog and attach your pin and boards to your blog link. This will drive traffic to your blog and links, but not spam Pinterest users with them.


How To Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog

On Pinterest, you can sell your handmade crafts and items as well as promote other products and companies. Remember to be careful when selling your products and be mindful of Pinterest’s sell policies as they may change. Describe your products using accurate, simple keywords.

If you don’t want to write a blog or creating a product isn’t quite right for you, there are other ways to make money on Pinterest. You could become a virtual assistant to help bloggers and influencers optimize their accounts.

Pinterest Virtual Assistants typically create pins, automate the pinning process, complete keyword research, and work with ad networks for their clients. Some even dabble in scheduling and managing other social media for clients as well. You can easily cash in around $500 per month per client you work with, or more if you take on more duties for them.

Once you learn how to optimize Pinterest and gain a following, you can charge people to promote their brands and products. You can do this with or without a blog and start making some passive income just by creating pins and boards about them. This can be done through the creation of pins, posting on your account, creating boards, and sharing information about them with your followers.

You can even make money teaching your successful strategies to others. If you have connected to other companies and brands, others are going to want to know how you did it. Keep growing and learning more to keep gaining followers and share your knowledge. You can monetize on this with courses, coaching, ebooks, and more.

Once your following is growing, you can promote affiliate links through your pins to earn a commission through different companies. The company of your choice will give you your own personal link to add to your pins, and when someone makes a purchase using that link you reap the rewards. Be sure to read your contracts thoroughly as some companies do not want their affiliate links posted on Pinterest and some do not allow you to take pictures of their product from the website, which can make creating pins difficult.

At the end of your pin, use a #affiliate or #affiliatelink hashtag to disclose your relationship with that company. This is an FTC requirement. You should always try to be as transparent with your following as possible.

In the recent past, Pinterest has changed their stance on affiliate marketing. First no longer allowing it because some pinners felt they were being spammed by the way the links were being used, and more recently allowing it again while requiring a higher level of transparency. This is a valid point to add because a policy change could result in the change or loss of your side income.

Some companies pay pinners to drive traffic to their site or product by posting about it. This is one of the simplest ways to create a passive income because as long as they are receiving traffic, you get paid whether or not someone makes a purchase. A really easy way to do this is to create promoted pins, which look like normal pins but are actually ads. They are similar to Facebook ads in that you pay to promote them and they are platform-based. You can use keywords to promote these ads even further and reach more pinners.

Stand Out

There are a few tools you can use to make your pins more eye-catching and drive more traffic to you. When you are trying to make money, you need to make sure that your pins look organized and professional. If your account is a mess, it will be near impossible to gain a following. This is best done by keeping images relevant and easy to look at. The simpler, the better.

You can use digital image tools like Canva or Stencil to create and refine your images. These tools can also be used to create flyers and business cards which can come in handy if you are operating a blog or affiliate/ad business.

The way you describe your pins also plays a large role in how much traffic you drive to your account. Make sure you are describing your pins using easily searchable keywords. The more simple and to the point they are, the better. Start by searching keywords in your search bar that are related to your niche. You’ll quickly find what keywords do and don’t work for you. You can also use marketing research programs to see what people are searching for.

To really immerse yourself in the Pinterest world, engage with other pinners and join group boards. Make your mark by pinning others’ pins, following others, and participating in the social media side of Pinterest and your followers. Remember to post helpful and relevant content, which can change with the platform environment or if there are any changes to anything about your niche.

Make sure that you keep up with policy changes as well. It can spell disaster if you are monetizing on Pinterest or any other platform in a way that has been specifically banned. Keep learning and gaining knowledge about the platform as you go, and be aware of practicing good business hygiene.

With so many ways to monetize your efforts with Pinterest, it’s no wonder why so many bloggers and affiliate businesses love the platform. From managing your blog to driving traffic to yourself, to promoting affiliates and products and selling handmade products, there is truly is something for everyone. Find your passion and dedicate a bit of your free time and you too can make thousands of passive income dollars a month.

106 Epic Website Ideas For Launching A Money Making Blog

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog.

First off, this is not every idea on the planet for a website idea, but these 105 epic website ideas are a great starting point for inspiration! Your goal should be to scan this list of website ideas and find what you personally connect with. The more you connect with an idea, the better your writing will be and audiences will love that!

For most of us, our goal is to start a website so we can write about topics we enjoy and make money on the side. Each of these website ideas can be monetized in some way to do just that (BONUS: potential ways at the bottom). These website ideas are in no particular order but categorized by a similar theme.

Art Website Ideas

1. Photography Website – An entire website dedicated to all the professional and phone photography you do. You can link your Instagram and upload photos for inspiration for fellow photographers. Plus you can sell your own photography or at the very least have contact information for people to reach out to you for photography gigs.

2. Painting/Art Blog – A website idea dedicated to showcasing the art you produce. Whether it’s physical paintings, making vases, calligraphy, computer art, graffiti, jewelry art or whatever you prefer, having a website allows provides you an online home to show it all off.

3. Greeting Card Website Idea – Have a website with creative greeting card ideas. These can be either fun cartoons you’ve drawn, inspirational quotes you enjoy or creative phrases you think would be perfect. If you’re very creative, this can be a nice way to help others rather than relying on Hallmark.

4. Time-Lapse Art – You can create an entire website dedicated to the drawing process. Time-lapse drawings are hugely popular on YouTube and you can create an entire website or blog dedicated to these videos. They can be your own time-lapse drawings or a collection of the very best from around the internet. Yes, YouTube has tons of these, but your website could be of the very best ones!

Car Website Ideas

5. Car Website – If this is a big passion of yours, you can create an entire website dedicated to reviewing cars, sharing trends and car news. These can include photos of new models or interviews with car designers and manufacturers. There is an entire subculture dedicated to cars you can capitalize on. On the bonus, if you get big enough you could be invited to car shows and special events!

6. Specific Car Website – Maybe you want to focus in on a specific car (like a Subaru Crosstrek). There are entire forums on car models that talk about parts to help fellow car nerds and updates on the model. The more specific you get, the higher you can rank in Google.

Career Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog.

7. Career Guide – Talk about your specific career or dream career. Focus on the industry, trends, training are more.

8. Job Search Website – You could create a specific job search website for people like Graphic Designers. This could include articles on interview questions for graphic designers, portfolio tips, questions about salaries and you could even embed a job search engine like Indeed into your website so people could post and find jobs. It could be the most helpful website for that profession. It can be any profession you want!

9. Resume & Portfolio Website – Show a collection of impressive resumes ideas that help people decide what to include in their own resumes and how to format them. You can also include creative portfolio options for creative-minded people like graphic designers, architects, and coders.

10. Copywriting & Writer Blog – Maybe you’re excellent at grammar and have a strong desire to make the world a more grammatically appropriate place. Write articles and create videos on teaching people the appropriate times to use effect vs affect and other common grammatical tips!

11. Business Entrepreneurship Blog – You could write about your own progress of building a start-up or share helpful business tips for others starting their own business. This could include how to write a business plan, validate your idea, set up a marketing strategy, getting ready for launch day and more!

12. Leadership Website – If you love all those self-help books (and most people do) maybe you can start a collection of the best life and leadership advice ever offered. Often it helps to tell stories and life lessons for people to connect with. You can have an entire Leadership Website to help people reach their goals!

Comedy Website Ideas

13. Website of hilarious memes and GIFs – start an epic collection of memes and maybe even let people create their own memes.

14. Comedy Website – A collection of funny jokes, videos, and social media that make you laugh.

15. Viral Video Website – It could be fun to share all the most viral videos on one website. Buzzfeed started like this and many similar websites have grown in popularity following this model.

16. Popular Myths – Write about the popular myths most people believe and help people understand why they’re myths and how they were created. These are great fun entertainment!

Education Website Ideas

17. Education Website for Kids – Teach kids about life skills like balancing a checkbook, finding references for articles to identify fake news, teaching them how to add or subtract. If you have an education mindset this could be a great educational resource for parents, teachers or anyone.

18. History Website – Focus on a specific year or influential people in history. Lots of options to deep dive into historical events.

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog.

19. Book Review Website – Share your thoughts on books you’ve read and books you want to read. You can bet other people want to know if a book is good before they spend hours reading.

20. Biography Website – Maybe you’re a huge fan of Abraham Lincoln and you want to write an entire website about the life and adventures of Abraham Lincoln. You can share how those life choices affected history and everyone to this very day. It could be about Nicolas Tesla, Benjamin Franklin or Amelia Earhart. It can even be the biography and history of a specific place like Paris, really anything or anyone you fancy.

21. In-Depth Research Blog – Do a deep dive into a specific topic like how phones work. However, no matter what topic you

choose to write about, think about how the website will grow after you explain everything about your topic.

22. Coding Website – Coding is a skill that leads to high paying jobs, so people all over are wanting to learn. Create a website that teaches people how to code, resources to find more about coding, how it works and what people need. These websites are in high demand and if you have a unique background in coding or strong interest in coding, you could be the perfect person to start this.

23. Science Experiments – Science experiment videos on YouTube have tons of views because people constantly marvel at all the different chemical reactions we can create. Maybe a website dedicated fun science experiments you can do at home and show videos of how they work with articles explaining complex processes in a fun way. This can be great for all ages.

24. Interview Interesting People Website – This could be in addition to a great podcast you’ve been thinking about. Interview interesting people and showcase those articles and videos on your own website.

25. How Social Media Works – Lots of people don’t know the difference between Snapchat and Instagram or Facebook and Twitter. Help break down these barriers and share best practices for each social media platform like best images sizes for each and text length requirements. Your blog can help people learn more about social media and a resource for social media experts to share the best tips.

26. What is Blockchain Website – Explain what it is, follow prices and trends. Lots of people are curious about this subject but have no idea what it is or how it works.

27. Quote of the Day or Inspirational Quotes – Create an online collection of famous quotes that you can add on mugs, t-shirts and other memorabilia. Or simply create a website that features all the best quotes from history.

28. On This Day Website – There are some websites like this, but create your own fun trivia for each day of the year.

29. Odds Website – How likely is it to get hit by lightning, win the lottery, etc.

30. News Website – Maybe start your own news website that only shows articles that have already been fact-checked.

31. Resource Website – Explain different topics like how data privacy works

Entertainment Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 32. Movie Review Website Idea – Become a film critic with your own website where you share movie reviews. Who knows, if you get big enough you could be invited to red carpet events.

33. Movie Genre – This could be a website about superhero movies or horror movies. Write about a specific movie genre so you’re more focused on your writing. There are entire podcasts dedicated to just superhero movies, so what’s stopping you from building a whole website on that topic or any other specific genre of movie?

34. TV Review Website Idea – Review tv or streaming sites like Amazon Prime. You can even start a podcast on what you think of each episode. Since we have more tv content than ever before, people need help curating their tv selections. You could be that person!

Fashion Website Idea

35. Fashion Blog – Go Instagram crazy blogging about the coolest boutique clothing stores in your neighborhood or show off your own great style! Doesn’t everyone on Instagram want to be a fashion model blogger? Now start a creative website to be a home for all your content.

36. Fashion History – So many people are focused on the latest and hippest, but people often forget about all the styles and brands that came before that influenced our styles today. Write about the fashion cycles and help predict the next trends!

Finance Website Ideas

37. Personal Finance Blog – Create your own blog (like Wallet Squirrel) teaching people new ways to use their money for investing, setting up a bank account or paying off credit cards.

Food Website Ideas

38. Excellent Food Website – Document everything delicious you’ve eaten and build up a food critic audience.

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog.

39. Recipe Website – If you have lots of amazing and delicious recipes your family has gathered over the years, consider a website that shares these recipes with others. You can have videos of you cooking and other people can contribute their favorite recipes as well.

40. How Food Works – Share with people how food is made, processed and delivered to your home/grocery store. Helping people visualize this process will help them connect better with their local food vendors.

41. Craft Beer – Share the different craft beers you’ve tasted. Rate them on industry standards and compare them against other beers new and old. Other people may find this really useful and beer companies would likely want to sponsor you and your choices.

42. Cocktail Website – Write about all the crazy cocktails in the world and what goes into them. You can identify cocktails, their recipes, ingredients, techniques and even share detailed history on each drink. Plus it’s a great excuse to try them all!

Gaming Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 43. Video Game Website – You can write about your favorite video games specializing shooting games like Call of Duty or RPG games like Diablo or even something more niche like mobile games. Write about what you like about them and you could be invited to beta events for gaming companies.

44. Video Game System Website – Maybe you only play Xbox and can’t afford a PlayStation. You can create an entire website dedicated to Xbox games with run-throughs, suggestions, and reviews.

Health Website Ideas

45. Hiking Website – Share cool hiking locations and photos with tips and tricks to get around. You can suggest gear and get affiliate commission if anyone buys from your website.

46. Running Website – Share your progress running and tips that help keep you motivated. You can even break off into healthy foods and route suggestions for new runners.

47. Biking Website  – Follow bike trends and share how each part of the bike affects your journey. Keep up with races in your area and leaders in your industry.

48. Rock Climbing Website – Talk about what it takes for someone new to rock climbing and how to progress. Share different footholds and techniques to help people reach the next level. You can sell rock climbing equipment or add a subscription to your website for the best climbing areas in your region.

49. Yoga/Meditation – If you’re someone who is big into Yoga, you can create an entire hub about Yoga, it’s benefits and styles. You can share videos on how to meditate and the different moves to learn. Later you can sell yoga mats, water bottles and yoga gear on your website!

50. Weight Loss Blog – Track your own weight loss journey and share the tips that help keep you focused on your goals.

51. Exercise Website – Follow your exercise journey with great suggestions on new workouts and the different muscles you’re working on. This is a great idea if you know a lot about working out or you’re really determined to learn more and write about your progress.

52. Diet Website – Share how many different diets are out there and what works for you and others.

53. Sports Drink Website – Maybe you hate water but can’t find good replacements to the sugary sports drinks on the market. You can use this as an opportunity to experiment with different sports drinks and how they affect the body based on ingredients and experiments. Basically share your experiences finding new alternatives.

Hobby Website Ideas

54. Collection Website – Keep track of your 104 cookie jars or 92 hot wheel car collection with a dedicated website other enthusiasts can view and enjoy.

55. Card Collection Website – Baseball, Magic The Gathering, Pokémon and lots of different cards out there.

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog.

56. Celebrity Website – Follow celebrities and be your own paparazzi. Maybe you’ll get popular enough to attend a red carpet event. It can be like a fan club.

57. Experiment Website – Start an experiment like restoring an old car and document everything you do so people can learn from your experiences.

58. Fanfiction Website – There are lots of websites dedicated to fan fiction about anything from Harry Potter to Supernatural. Create your own online space where people can share their stories.

59. Fishing / Hunting Website – If this is what you’re into, share great hunting products and advice from fellow hunters.

60. Gardening – Many people have a passion for gardening and often find themselves looking toward the internet for inspiration and tips. If you’re someone who also shares this passion, you could share trends, photos of your gardens, or progress of your plants growing. You could make money selling gardening tools or start a subscription service for fellow gardeners to connect!

61. DIY Website – About different DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas you have. Always make sure you have photos. These can be anything from crafts to household projects.

62. Selling Handmade Items – Do you create your own jewelry or sculptures? You may already have an Esty page (or something similar), but it’s a dramatic improvement if you have your own website. Plus websites like Amazon and Esty rank your items higher if you have links (like your own website) linking to your Esty/Amazon page.

63. Party Decorating Website Ideas – This could be like a Pinterest Page, but focusing on different party decorating ideas.

64. Poetry Website – Create a collection of famous poems, your own poems and a place other people can contribute their own poems. You can have your own bohemian website of poetry.

65. Cosplay Website – Host an entire collection of the best cosplay costumes from all different comic and themed conventions. Share the very best and create a community of like-minded fans.

66. Technology Blog – If you’re someone who enjoys the latest technology and toys, this could be an excellent website idea. You’ll enjoy the research and writing about the latest technology in the world like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and more!

67. Drones – Let’s face it, drones are cool. They are robots that fly. There are new technology for drones every day, drone races all over and cool photography shot all the time. You can create an entire website focused on any sort of drone perspective you want!

68. Repair Blog – Repair computers, phones, etc. Help people learn how to repair their own things.

Lifestyle Website Ideas 

69. Astrology Website – Make up your own horoscopes. These can be as funny or as serious as you’d like.

70. Dream Interpterion – Write about what dreams mean and what they symbolize. Everyone has dreams and lots of people are curious about what they mean. You can help lead them to an answer.

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 71. Makeup Website – Make up tutorials on YouTube are incredibly popular. Start a website that takes the best of the best, plus your own lessons learned.

72. Natural Healing Website – Medication, herbs, healing crystals. I honestly don’t know much about it, but you might.

73. Kids and Parent Life Website – Lots of parents in this day and age document every part of their kid’s life on social media. Create your own website to share your photos and lessons learned and make money from it.

74. Mom Blog – These have been hugely popular lately as the struggles to balance life as a mom are difficult. These blogs share the inside struggles of being a mom and raising good kids. For many, this is entirely uncharted territory, so any advice is welcomed!

75. Dad Blog – In a similar manner, you could write about life being a dad. You may be working full-time with kids or a stay-at-home dad. Either way, you have lots of responsibilities and worries that other dads can relate to. Help them by sharing your own experiences and use this as your own personal therapy.

76. Pet Website – Dedicate an entire website to epic videos of cats, dogs or both.

77. Website of a Pet – Take a different approach and write as if you were your pet. You could share the Instagram that’s entirely dedicated to your lovable pet and have them comment on their favorite food and toys. This could be a comedic blog from the perspective of your dog, cat, etc.

78. Personal Blog – In all honestly any blog you start is a bit of a personal blog, but this is more intimate sharing your thoughts and feelings in the world. It’s very 90’s and I don’t recommend it to make money, but it works for some people.

79. Home Decoration – Can anyone say farmhouse style?

80. Apartment Life – In this economy, most people are renting since they can’t afford a house. These people are looking for creative organizing solutions, food options on a budget and tips/tricks for apartment life. If you’re someone going through these struggles, or have lots of experience in this area, this website idea could be a great idea. Also great therapy for writing about your past struggles (others can learn from).

81. Sustainability Lifestyle – Teach others how to be green on a budget and save the world. Most people would agree that saving the earth is a good thing, they just need to be shown how. Often it feels very complicated but if you can provide easy, bite-sized information on how to achieve this, people will be grateful!

82. Learn a New Language Website – Share the struggles and success of learning a new language. Review language apps out there.

83. Famous People Net Worth – Track how much each celebrity is worth. It’s something I’m always curious about.

84. Coupon Website – There are a couple coupon websites out there, but they’re not great.

85. Local Events – If you’re someone who knows all the ins and outs of your community, perhaps you could create your own online hub of community events. It can be the go-to resource for people in your area to know about what’s happening.

86. Cultural Events – If you’re in the know about all your community’s cultural events, you could set up an online space to share all of these with your community.

Music Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 87. Music Website – A website dedicated to singing, instruments, music videos.

88. Genre Music Website – Focus on a specific genre of music. Going all the way into the history of the music and how those events inspired today’s styles.

89. Song Recommendations – If you’re someone who always knows the latest and coolest songs maybe you want to create your own brand website that helps people discover new music. You can be better than any Spotify or Amazon Music’s random selections. You can email people weekly new song ideas and get feedback from what people connect with!

90. Teaching Singing/Instruments – Maybe you want to focus on teaching a skill in singing or a new instrument. Write as if you were speaking to an absolute beginner how to sing or play an instrument like the guitar or drums. You can create videos, helpful photos and provide insight from your own experiences.

Non-Profit Website Ideas

91. Charity Website/Donation Website – If you’re someone who enjoys helping out local charities and non-profits, perhaps you can create your own online donation website to support them. Or set up an website to better help educate people about the cause.

Sport Website Ideas

92. Sports Website – write about a specific sports team or generic sport you love.

93. Fantasy Football/Sports Website – Dedicate your website to helping people with Fantasy Football and the growing Fantasy Sport trends. People are hungry for this information, especially if it’ll help them win. If you’re knowledgeable in this area, perhaps you have something to offer.

Travel Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 94. Adventure Blog – If you’re an outgoing person you can share different adventures like Ziplining, City Scavenger Hunts, Go-Carts and other activities.

95. Travel Blog – Talk about all the vacations you want to go on, how they would be planned, budgeted and enjoyed. As you build up an audience you could be making money (or save your own money) to finally go on all these trips!

96. City Architecture – If you have an interest in architecture, you can write about all the different styles of architecture around the world, what it inspired it and pictures of what it looks like. These could inspire other designers from around the world from your website.

Wedding Website Ideas

97. Wedding Website – This is the most important day in many people’s lives, but it’s not something most people have ever done or planned for. Help them with all the steps it takes to have a wonderful wedding from an exquisite bridal party, to coordinating food vendors to reserving venues. Any helpful advice could drastically help a new wedding couple.

Miscellaneous Website Ideas

Lets explore 106 epic website ideas for launching a money making blog. 98. Best Of Website – Share the best of anything. The best headphones, the best paintings in the world, the best parkour moves on the internet, anything.

99. How To Website – Narrow down on “How To” videos and articles to help people with their own projects. Like How To jailbreak a phone, or how to change the oil in your car.

100. Review Website – Review a specific product like podcast microphones or review dog houses. Help people compare products or services to make the best decision.

101. Niche Website – Write about a specific niche like Podcasting. You can talk about how to purchase and set up a microphone, how to record episodes and upload online. There is lots you can expand on like get guests to come onto your show or any niche topic you enjoy.

102. Social Experiment – Maybe you’re really curious to conduct a social experiment and share the results on a website. You can videotape you saying compliments to everyone you meet and see how it affects your relationship and their relationship for the rest of the day. The ideas are up to you!

103. Polling and Survey Website – Allow people to take surveys and polling like Doodle or SurveyMonkey.

104. Online Quizzes – Like a Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz or the BuzzFeed quizzes that help you understand which marvel superhero you would be. These are fun!

105. Online Forum – Something like Reddit. Reddit is the 7th most popular website on the internet. You can have your forum be very specific like comic book superheroes or generally broad. However the more specific you get, the easier it will be to build an audience.

106. Directory – Create a site of all your favorite local businesses or resources.

What’s Next?

If you really connected with any of these website ideas, you’re halfway there! Honestly, one of the biggest challenges is finding a website idea that energizes you and fills you with ideas. I personally suggest writing a blog post or two about the website idea now floating in your mind. Try that process and understand what it takes to write about a topic that excites you. If that feels great, then you should move forward to creating starting a website!

Speaking from personal experience, websites and blogs aren’t super complicated. In fact, it really only takes about 5 minutes to start a blog (this is how I set up my last 6 websites). I use WordPress since most of the internet does and it’s so easy, most elementary school students have their own WordPress websites.

The last trick is to monetize your blog, so all your writing actually pays off. There are a couple of different ways to make money from your blog, so think about it now so you can plan your blog for the future.

  1. Ads – Get paid if people see or click ads on your website (When first starting out, Google Adwords are great for beginners. You just add some lines of code on your website and it automatically works). Check out our Income Reports to see how much Ad Revenue this site has made with ads.
  2. Affiliate Links – Get paid if people buy products you link to on your website (here are 108 of the best affiliate programs). If you’re curious what this looks like, here are 50 examples of affiliate websites making money in a niche.
  3. Create & Sell Online Courses – If you’re spending all this time writing about a specific topic, you can easily take a couple of popular blog posts and create your own online course about a topic. You’re basically reusing your own content and putting it into a fresh light.
  4. Write and Make Money From Kindle Books – Again, you’re spending a lot of time writing content for your website/blog. You can bundle those old blog posts and create a kindle book from the content. Set up the book once and sell it online as many times as you want.
  5. Offer One-On-One Coaching/Tutoring – As you discover you write about your new website idea, you will become an expert on your subject. Plus you’ll have an entire website dedicated to your new website idea. So when people search for more information, you can sell your expertise for one-on-one coaching via online or speaking events.

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate – Like We Did!

I'm not going to downplay it, being an Amazon Affiliate is great. It allows you to share products and each time someone buys a product from your link, you earn a commission. So we'll give you a step-by-step guide into How To Become An Amazon Affiliate so you can earn extra money. We know how because we already set it up for ourselves! #sidehustle #personalfinance #fire I’m not going to downplay it, being an Amazon Affiliate is great! It allows you to share products and every time someone purchases a product from your link, you earn a commission. So we’ll give you a step-by-step guide into how to become an Amazon Affiliate. We know how because we already set it up for ourselves!

Benefits of Being An Amazon Affiliate

We became an Amazon Affiliate to earn a commission on the Amazon products we were already linking on our website. Afterward, we started to earn real money that has totaled nearly $500 so far from our affiliate sales!

That’s just us starting off! It’s nowhere near what other sites are making with their affiliate sales.

Websites like, an Amazon Affiliate example on our 50 Successful Amazon Affiliate Examples list were making $50,000 a month from affiliate sales! It’s now likely a lot more as they’ve only gotten larger.

In 2015 the websites The Wirecutter and The Sweet Homemade a combined $1.5 Million in e-commerce sales. There is a lot of potential here!

You Need A Website

Amazon doesn’t want you to add Amazon product links in social media accounts or in email links. They want their links to be a natural part of your website, so you NEED a website.

Not a third-party platform like blogger or anything. Those third-party sites have their own rules that restrict how you can use your own content. Plus they will plaster your website with ads to generate themselves money off your own content. You should have your own website you control.

Luckily setting up a website nowadays is incredibly easy, cheap and still remains one of the best ways to make extra money for you. Our guide to Starting Your Own WordPress Blog/Website was built for people wanting to make extra money blogging.

Our recommendation is to start your website/blog sooner rather than later (here are 106 website ideas). The longer your blog exists, the more preferred treatment it’ll receive from Google as an established blog.



How To Become An Amazon Affiliate – Approval Process

The approval process on how to become an amazon affiliate is pretty straight forward, which they call “Amazon Associates”. We’ll run through the sign-up form to give you an idea of what it looks like!


    First, go to the Amazon Associate Homepage and click “Sign Up”. You’ll be asked to either sign in with your existing account (that’s what we did) or Create An Account.

    For us, as an existing Amazon member, I used my same account. No information crossed over, they just use your account to identify you. Sign Up Page


    This asks for general information about you or your business. It’s your name, address, and telephone number.

    Basically, Amazon Associates isn’t available in every country, so they want to begin by verifying your location is in an approved area.
    How To Become An Amazon Affiliate - Account Information


    Amazon would like to know which website is yours. This is where you enter your website name. They’ll review your site to verify the content matches their guidelines. Add them here (yes, you can have multiple websites under your Amazon Associates account).

    When you enter a website, they will ask you to confirm that none of your websites are geared toward children under 13. You will not be eligible to display banners, widgets, special links, or other ads from Amazon Associates if your site has a kid focus (cartoons, kid toys, etc.).

    How To Become An Amazon Affiliate - Website and Mobile App List


    This is where you tell Amazon a little more about your website. You’ll provide a website description, what type of items you’re planning on promoting, how you currently drive traffic to your site, and how you currently market and monetize your website.

    You’ll end with “You Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement“. We linked to it here in case you want to read it beforehand.

    They want to know you’re a legit company and how you plan to use their affiliate program. This is all understandable. How To Become An Amazon Affiliate - Profile Form

    If you’re wondering about that first question “What is your preferred Associates Store ID”. All your affiliate links will have a unique identifier in them to identify you. These are typically the name of your business in some variation. Depending on what you enter.

    Here is what our unique Associate’s Store ID looks like. This is displayed in the URL anytime you click on an Amazon link from a website associated with Amazon Associates.

    Amazon Associates - Example Amazon Affiliate Page


That’s it! You can start right away while they are reviewing your application.You may notice they added some numbers or changed your Associates Store ID slightly. This is just because it has to be unique.You can enter your payment and tax information at this point, or wait till after you made a couple of sales. You want to try to make some sales soon though. They state that if you don’t make a sale in 180 days, they’ll deactivate your account and you’ll have to reactivate it. Honestly, though, it’s not that difficult to reactivate your Amazon Associates account.

It’s really nice that they let you start right away! The process on how to become an Amazon Affiliate is really easy. How To Become An Amazon Affiliate - Start Using Amazon Associates

Now Explore & Create Some Links

At this point you have access to the entire Amazon Associates interface, so let’s give you a quick peek to what this looks like.

On the main dashboard the most important metric is the “Earnings Overview” this graph represents how many times people have clicked on your links and the commissions you’ve earned so far.

Amazon Associates - User Dashboard

In the graph above you can see there are an average 10 Amazon Associate links clicked on every day, but no affiliate sales in the last 30 days. It happens…

Fastest Way to create an Amazon Affiliate Link.

While the Amazon Associates interface has some nice tools, it’s not the quickest way to create Amazon Links for your affiliate account. The quickest way to build an affiliate link is while you sign in to your Amazon Associates account, go directly to the product page you want.

You’ll notice a new thin toolbar at the top of your Amazon product pages. Amazon SiteStripe is a mini toolbar that’s easy and excellent at creating affiliate links for your Amazon Associates Account.

Create Amazon Associates Link

You may notice that I circled some of the gibberish in the URL.

This is the item number, the unique identifier Amazon uses to identify its products. Typically when you go to an Amazon product page, you’ll see a really long URL. That’s basically all useless. You can delete all that extra stuff after the item number and it’ll be the same page. Removing all that extra stuff is a clean way to build your Amazon links.

That’s it for how to become an Amazon Affiliate, you have a link you can add to your site and start making money!

Careful, Your Amazon Affiliate Will Be Deactivated If…

Amazon is known to deactivate accounts without warning and making it terribly difficult to reactivate your account. To avoid this, follow these well-known rules of the Amazon Associates program.

  • Don’t use your own affiliate links to make personal purchases
  • Don’t use affiliate links in emails, social media, eBooks, or anything except your personal website or YouTube channel.
  • Avoid using any kind of link shortening like Bitly. Amazon links can be long and that’s ok. Amazon has its own link shortener service like in the image above. It works great!
  • Simply don’t ask people to click your links to support you or offer incentives for clicking your links.
  • You can’t use Amazon’s trademark. You may be working with them but you do not have permission.
  • Amazon is constantly adjusting their price so if your website doesn’t include the latest price. It’s considered false advertising and breaks their terms of service. It’s safer to avoid mentioning the price altogether.

We can all admit that the Amazon Associates program has many rules so be careful. We’ve personally found it best to play it safe and only add Amazon Associates text links to our blog.



How Successful Bloggers Make The Most Money With Amazon

We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many successful bloggers with Amazon Associates accounts. While most of their success involves building a great website, we’ll share some of the great tips they’ve offered.

  • From Day 1 Build An Email List – As a website owner, your email list is the most valuable thing you own because you can notify your readers about new posts. Unlike social media which will limit your announcements, email lists reach your entire audience.

Most bloggers use ConvertKit as their email service, it’s made for bloggers and incredibly easy to use. This will give you the tools to add email signups on your website, manage all your email subscribers and let you send out creative emails to your audience. Use this ConvertKit Referral Code to use the service for free until you exceed 1,000 email subscribers.

  • Create Posts People Are Already Searching For – Before you spend hours writing 20 blog posts, find out what people are currently searching for on Google. There are tools like SEMrush that let you type in your blog idea keywords like “Southern Wyoming Fly Fishing” and it’ll return with how many people search for that term on the internet every month and the number of other articles on the subject.

The trick is to find popular keywords that have low competition. Use this referral for a free trial of SEMrush to discover the perfect keywords for some future blog post ideas. This will help you build popular posts, which attract more people and more people equals more affiliate revenue.

  • Promote Great Posts – Sometimes you put in a lot of work for a great post with some perfect affiliate links but no one visits your site. Consider some of the many great and cheap promotion opportunities on Fiverr. It’s a hub of SEO specialists, social media promoters, and copywriting gurus who will help you out for as little as $5.

Good Luck Future Amazon Associates!

Affiliate Marketing continues to be one of the best ways to make money. Yet, Amazon is only one popular affiliate program, here are the 108 best affiliate programs to consider when building your website. There is no limit to the number of programs you can join.

Glad this gave you a little insight into how to become an Amazon Affiliate! Please share this page with your friends who you think should join the Amazon Associates program and sign-up for our email list below for future updates to the program!

Blogging VS Vlogging: Which is Better for Making Money Fast

Blogging or Vlogging. Which is better? Today's guest post walks us through which is better. Come see which is better for you. #blogging #vlogging #sidehustle

Today is a guest post from Wendy Dessler, a finance writer and collaborator with Today with Jay. 

Finding new ways to make money is something most people are passionate about. Using the power of the Internet to increase the amount of revenue you generate is a wise move. While there are a number of ways to make money online, nothing quite compares to vlogging and blogging. Deciding which one of the mediums to use to build your wealth can be difficult.

Making the right decision can help you start generating revenue in no time. Are you trying to figure out whether vlogging or blogging will provide you with the fastest profit? If so, check out the helpful information below.

Making Money As a Blogger is Not Easy

Each year, over 500 million blogs are published online many start with easy How To Start A Blog tutorials like this. With all of this content, new bloggers have a hard time breaking through the noise and making an impact. Instead of throwing in the towel before you really get started, take the time to figure out how to make your blog more engaging and successful. Achieving blogging success is no easy process and will require a lot of hard work.

As you start to drive more traffic to your website, you will be able to figure out the best route for monetization. Figuring out what type of blogs actually make money can help you avoid sinking money into a website that won’t be profitable. Websites like Wallet Squirrel and Today With Jay provide up and coming bloggers with advice and strategies regarding how to monetize a blog. Below, we will discuss the types of blogs that actually generate revenue consistently.

Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

Modern consumers are hungry for information. If you are well-versed in things like digital or social media marketing, you can make a hefty profit by selling digital products on your website. These products will typically include things like printable graphs, checklists, and eBooks. The key to making money with these digital products is showcasing your skills in your chosen industry.

The only drawback to creating and selling these digital items is the time it takes. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time to focus on writing and editing a new eBook, you will struggle to get one completed in a timely manner. Outsourcing this work to a content marketing professional can be helpful. If you can contract out these services for cheap, you can still turn a profit from the sale of your digital products.

Blogging vs Vlogging

Selling Display Ads Can Be Lucrative

Monetizing your blog is a multi-step process. The first step in the blog monetization process is increasing the amount of traffic your website gets. As you start to grow your audience, you will be able to take advantage of a number of monetization methods. Selling display ads is one of the most common and lucrative ways to monetize a blog. Businesses will pay good money to have their ads featured on a popular blogging website.

Programs like Google’s AdSense (Google AdSense Review) is designed to make finding ad opportunities easy. Rather than trying to learn and master the AdSense system on your own, you need to think about hiring professionals to lend you a hand. Most experienced marketing professionals will have no problem setting up and maintaining the ads on your blog website. The money paid to a marketing company for their help will be worth it considering the revenue they can help you generate.

Selling Memberships to Consumers  

If you have a blog in place that provides useful information to the general public on an ongoing basis, selling memberships may be a good idea. Most consumers would rather pay a one-time fee for the content on a website rather than buying eBook after eBook. Building a following for your website is imperative when trying to drum up some buzz about your membership offerings.

Before you start offering these memberships to your website, do some market research. If you have competitors offering memberships, take a look at what it includes. Looking at this information can help you figure out how to make your membership offering more enticing to consumers. With a simple Google search, you should be able to find all of the information you need about the current membership market.

Blogging vs Vlogging

There is Power in Vlogging

Now that you have an understanding of how to monetize a blog, we will move onto the power of vlogging. In the past few years, video-sharing platforms like YouTube have seen substantial growth. These days, there are vloggers making millions of dollars each year with the help of ads and product endorsements.

However, the vlogging space is littered with competition. This is why you can’t copy the recipe other vloggers are using to make content. Your goal needs to be producing content that is both original and engaging. While this may sound relatively easy, it is anything but. Achieving vlogging success is possible if you follow some of the tips mentioned here.



Vloggers Commonly Use Affiliate Marketing

There are a number of well-known brands that use affiliate marketing to sell products/services. Many vloggers direct traffic to popular websites in the hopes of one of their followers making a purchase.

When these purchases are made with the affiliate link from a vlogger’s page, they are compensated. Generally, companies that use affiliate marketing will not pay huge sums for one sale. You have to focus on providing a consistent flow of quality leads if you want to make money with this method.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Another way to make money as a vlogger is with the help of endorsements and sponsorships. Many product manufacturers use influencers to advertise the benefits of their items. If your channel is popular and family-friendly, you may be able to land one of these endorsements. Generally, it will take both time and a lot of followers to get lucrative sponsorships and endorsements.

Blogging vs Vlogging


The Bottom Line

If you are trying to generate income in a hurry, blogging is probably your best bet. It is easier to gain a foothold with written content and you can always add a video to your website later on if you want to pursue your passion for vlogging.

Google AdSense Review: How Much Are Bloggers Making With Website Ads

Our Google Adsense Review walks you through on how to use Google Adsense as well as some awesome alternatives. #bloggingtips #blogging #earnextramoney #sidehustle You’re probably familiar with the concept of “website ads”. They are often little graphics on the side of a website or embedded in an online article. While a bit annoying, they drastically help blog owners earn an income while sharing their content for free. One of the most popular ad services to bloggers is Google’s AdSense. Here on Wallet Squirrel, we’re particularly familiar with Google AdSense since we’ve been using it for the past 5 years. So we feel qualified to share a Google AdSense Review and share how much we’ve made over the years.

Google AdSense Review – What Is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online advertising network, meaning they allow bloggers/websites to post a small snippet of “code” on their blog sidebar (or wherever) and Google AdSense automatically populates that space with advertisements.

Google AdSense Review - Type Of Ads

Choose an Ad

There are different types of ads that you can display on your blog, each with a different purpose and intention.

  • Display Ads – These are your standard graphic banners. We use this as our Sidebar Ad as an example.
  • In-Feed Ads – Think those “Sponsored” ads you see in your Facebook feed.
  • In-Article Ads – These are inside your article. They often look like they are a part of the article, but usually just a little off to designate them as an ad. We should have an example in this article for you to see.
  • Link Ads – These are less popular, but usually involve text-based ad. These often confuse your visitors to think it’s a website hyperlink rather than an ad. It’s tricky, and I personally don’t like them.

Google Automatically Populates Those Ads

Google can tell based on your website’s content and each unique website visitor, what advertisements are best for that visitor. This is based on complex algorithms, constantly changing and pointless to dive into. As a blogger, you simply choose one of these Ad Types and copy the code onto your website. Here is what our WordPress Widget looks like with the Google AdSense code.

Google AdSense Review - What Code Looks Like On WordPress

Blog Owners Get Paid

From a blogger standpoint, that’s all you need to do. It runs automatically (takes a day or two to load) and you as the blog owner will start making money. You will make a small amount of money every time someone sees your ad, and a little more every time someone clicks it.

As a blogger, you have no say in what ads are used on your site through Google AdSense (nothing adult, etc.), but not always related to your blog. It usually depends on your visitor’s past history.

You won’t actually receive any money until you reach Google AdSense’s $100 minimum payout. Once that is reached you can get paid by check, direct deposit, or quite a few additional ways. All you need to do is complete your tax information before they’ll send you money.

Google AdSense Review - Your Earnings

What Happens Behind The Scenes

What’s actually happening on the back end is companies from all over the world are turning to Google to help them get their ads “out there”. These companies will give Google the advertisement they want to be shown, a detailed profile of their ideal audience and money.

The amount of money companies pay Google for ad space varies.

  • The Length of the Ad Shown – The longer you want the ad shown, the more it will cost.
  • Saturation of the Ad Market – If Company A is trying to sell costumes during Halloween. There are likely lots of other companies trying to do the same. Those advertisements can get very costly because you will need to outbid other companies for the same ad space. The more popular keywords you’re targeting, the more expensive those ad spaces will be.
  • Quality of the Ad – Google prefers good looking ads that match their keywords. So if Company A has a terrible looking ad and generic keywords, Google punishes them by increasing the cost of their ads.

After the ad space is bought and paid for, Google will use its trillions of data points to locate Company A’s ideal audience. Then whenever those people come across a website within Google’s Ad Network (that’s your blog if it has Google AdSense), they’ll see an ad from Company A.

That’s how Google AdSense works!



Does Google AdSense Pay Bloggers Well?

If you ask the internet, the answer is no. However, I think for this Google AdSense Review answer is a bit more difficult because there are additional considerations.

Google AdSense Is The Easiest Option For New Bloggers

One of the best qualities of Google AdSense is it’s super easy to use (as I mentioned above), and you don’t need a minimum amount of visitors on your website. Even if you only have 20 people visit your website a month, you can still get a Google AdSense account. This is why it’s one of the most popular options. Most people get Google AdSense when their blog is first starting out and stick with it as their blog grows.

How Much Have We Made On Google AdSense

We are one of those people that have been using Google AdSense since day one and this likely makes us one of the most qualified bloggers to share the earning potential for a Google AdSense Review. If you want a breakdown of how much we’ve earned every month, feel free to check out our monthly Income Reports where we include every dime we make on Wallet Squirrel. However here is the full amount we’ve earned on Google AdSense since day 1, back in 2015.

Google AdSense Review - 5 Year Earnings

We’ve had well over 325,000 visitors to and made $500 through Google AdSense. Cool Right! Actually, it’s not that impressive. That’s $0.001 per visitor (1/10 of a cent) since our website hatched.

While Google AdSense is one of the most popular Ad Networks out there, and one of the easiest for new bloggers. It is not one of the best paying.

Alternative Ad Networks For Bloggers

There are a number of Ad Networks out there for bloggers to choose from. In fact, we’ve started to look at a few of these to replace our current Google AdSense website ads. Writing our own Google AdSense Review has given us lots of reasons to look into other options.

Each one has its own set of requirements ranging from a minimum number of visitors to a minimum number of sessions. You just need to find the right one for your current blog size.

If you’re starting off, I definitely recommend Google AdSense. However, if you’ve grown a little, here are some additional options.



The Wrap Up

Basically I loved Google AdSense as I built this personal finance blog. It was super easy to get approved, set up, and earn passive income (all the ways we earn passive income). However, it’s not a forever solution. It simply doesn’t pay as well as other Ad Networks. It’s like training wheels for new bloggers. A great stepping stone to building a blog empire.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about our Google AdSense Review in the comments below. Plus if you’re on our email list, we’ll be sharing new details when we move to a new ad network.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Ads to Increase Your Revenue

This is a guest post by Arina Thoggy, a blogger with BlurbpointMedia, a deals and discount provider. She is passionate about technology, social media and digital marketing. In addition, Arina also supports non-profit agencies that provide health-care solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

When it comes to online businesses and smart marketing strategies, there has been a rise of many newer and smarter technologies over these years. Among them, if I consider something of a modern genre, then it would be ad mediation. Well, isn’t it helping the business-owners abundantly to earn maximum profit from their websites? It is such a unique and interesting process which act as an intermediate between the businessmen and the networks that they use to serve ad space.

Now, my main aim behind coming up with this article is to enlighten you about how you, as a website owner, can increase your revenue while advertising with Ad networks.
And, here’s what I would like to convey to you.

Just have a look!

The first thing that comes into this scenario is:

Where should you place the ads on your website?

Fortunately, there are a few options available for you:

  • You can place the ads just above the folds as such ads usually perform better because it doesn’t need the audience to scroll the page to get a glimpse of them.
  • Next, identify the layouts of your home page and internal pages. If you see that they are different then you can opt for placing the ads in the bottom half of internal pages which are richer in contents and people love to scroll down these pages to read the content up to the end.
  • Gather the idea from the Ad networks that which kind of contents are trending currently. It might be the videos or other lively forums, and sometimes the text contents. So, whatever might be the scenario, make sure that you are placing your ads in the proximity of such buzzing contents of your blog or website.

Determine the right ad sizes

Just determine the right kind of layout for your website and then try the best sizes and ad combinations depending on the same. Moreover, it would be excellent if you experiment with different standard sizes for banners and the specific rich media formats because if you do so then advertisers will be able to get an access to your business and even ad networks could effectively work with your website.

Go for a variety of pricing models

When it comes to various publishers then most of them like to work on a CPM basis. You might even sometimes want to test the performance of some specific campaigns on the basis of a CPC or CPA model for such campaigns which can directly target your website’s visitors. With the help of an Ad network, you will get the leniency to work with any of your desired pricing models among the aforementioned ones in an effective way.

Check out the Income Reports on Wallet Squirrel to see how much Ad Revenue Andrew has earned over the last couple years.

Choose to work with the perfect ad network

You might be familiar with working on the basis of Google Adsense (Wallet Squirrel uses this) but remember that this Ad network is entirely based on contextual advertising. So, if you think that your website is not text-heavy then there is no point of using this ad network as it will be completely irrelevant and finally end up not increasing your revenue.

In such a scenario, if you want to opt for the best one then the display ad network will be an excellent alternative. So, it is the best option for you if you don’t want to entirely rely on the conventional ad networks and rather choose the smart formats which could let you earn huge profit.

Read ahead!

  • A perfect ad network for you will target the exact advertisers who can display the most relevant ads to your visitors and thus the tendency of your visitors to perform better will increase.
  • If you choose the right ad network for your business then it will provide you a 100% fulfillment of advertising spots.
  • The most valuable reports from ad networks can really help you to understand how your business is going on. May it be an idea about the type of advertisers that do wonders for your site, the ad sizes on your pages that you can either keep or exclude depending upon your performance, or how does the revenues of your site vary in different languages and regions, you’ll get to know everything from such reports.

Final Thoughts

So, don’t wait anymore! Just act smart, make the best use of ad networks, experiment with different kind of strategies, measure results, and finally analyze the same to skyrocket your future business revenues.

Get Paid To Write Articles: 20+ Websites That Pay You For Writing

Getting paid to write articles is one of our favorite ways to earn extra money, so much so that we made a list of websites that will actually pay you to submit articles for their publications. This is a great way to earn extra money while building your writing brand. #earnextramoney #sidehustle Getting paid to write articles is one of our favorite ways to earn extra money, so much so that we made a list of websites that will actually pay you to submit articles for their publications. This is a great way to earn extra money while building your writing brand. The more prestigious websites your articles are published on, the more you can charge per submission, but everyone has to start somewhere. Here is how to get paid to write articles: 20+ Websites that pay you for writing.

20+ Websites That Pay You For Writing


Get Paid To Write on Listverse - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Anything with a Top 10 Tagline
How Much Can You Make: $100 per 1,800 word article (via PayPal)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 8.02M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
Listverse is full of (you guessed it) lists! Top 10 lists and such are a great attention grabber for readers and Listverse pays for articles with at least 10 list points. They will easily shell out $100 for good quality list articles. If you have a great idea for an attention-grabbing list, submit your list idea to Listverse for consideration. It may be a quick way to get paid to write articles, making $100 per article on our list of websites that pay you for writing. Just make sure that you do your research on your lists, avoid easy grammar issues and create a really attention-grabbing headline.

Smithsonian Magazine (online)

Get Paid To Write on Smithsonian - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: History, Science, Innovation, Arts & Culture, etc. (Smithsonian stuff)
How Much Can You Make: $1,000 per article
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 9.81M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
How ambitious are you? The Smithsonian is a big deal and one of the more prestegious websites that pay you fro writing. So you may be surprised to hear they do accept submissions from freelance writers. Although you need to provide at least 3 links to previous writing examples, and if you don’t have good ones, you should move on. If you do have all of that, you should “pitch” an idea for an article you have. Don’t worry about having crazy good photographs, they’ll provide the photography your article needs, you just need to supply the 250-300 worded idea and eventually final article if approved.


Get Paid To Write on HubPages- Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Anything
How Much Can You Make: Pennies Per Page View (via ads)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 3.18M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
HubPages is an online community that writes about anything and everything. Once you sign up for free, you can write about whatever your passionate about. Your article will have ads on them and you’ll receive a portion of that revenue while you get paid to write articles. The more popular your articles are, the more money you’ll make. This is similar to having your own blog, but HubPages host your articles for you in return for a small portion of the ad revenue your articles produce.


Get Paid To Write on iWriter - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Topics They Ask For
How Much Can You Make: Up to $40 for a 500 word article (depending on writing level)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 591.52K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
How iWriter works is that people pay iWriter to write articles for them. So a client will pay iWriter to write an article on “Baking Bread”, for example. Then iWriter will send the request to its army of writers (you) and you’ll take the job. The client will pay iWriter and iWriter will pay you in return. The more great articles you write, the more you’ll earn from iWriter based on their 4 tier (Standard, Premium, Elite & Elite Plus) writer levels. Once you receive Elite Plus level, you’ll be paid $40 for a 500-word article. You’ll pay will depend on the level of writer you are and the number of articles you write. What’s nice is you can accept/decline as many articles as you can write from the comfort of your own home. This is nice because the email request will come in with different topics where you can get paid to write articles.


Get Paid To Write on Tuts - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: How To Articles for coding, web design, Adobe Products, anything graphic
How Much Can You Make: $200 per tutorial (increases the more you submit)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 19.74M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
Tuts+ is a site I used to visit all the time when learning Photoshop. They have some great tutorials by some awesome teachers, so this probably isn’t for new writers, but people who can prove they’ve written similar tutorials for well-known websites. This makes them one of the top websites that pay you for writing, paying around $200 (starting out) for How-To’s. There are opportunities to create written and video how-to-tutorials. Just make sure you have the depth of experience to back up what you’re teaching. Here is a list of tutorials they’re looking for people to teach.

Income Diary

Get Paid To Write on Income Diary - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Tips to help out bloggers (blogs, social media, making money online)
How Much Can You Make: $100 – $200 per article
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 303.49K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
The Income Diary is a website focused on helping new bloggers to set up their site, write content and monetize it for future revenue. Since this is a specific niche, there is much similar content that currently exists on the site. While you may be able to earn $200, it is a very difficult way to get paid to write articles and get your content accepted. However if you have an idea that you think fits well with their audience, submit your idea and they’ll tell you if it’s worthy. Otherwise don’t bother writing an entire article until your idea is accepted. If you do get your article idea accepted, you should jump for joy because they are one of the top paying websites that pay you for writing.

Travel + Leisure

Get Paid To Write on Travel and Leisure - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Trip Ideas, Destinations, Hotels (travel stuff)
How Much Can You Make: $1 a word (articles range from 400 – 2,000 words)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 6.03M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
With an audience of 1 million viewers per month, Travel + Leisure receives many writer submissions so they’re looking for high-quality articles from writers with previous writing experience. If you’re interested in writing for them, go over their website and understand what type of articles are published. Then go over to their contact page and email them a short email with your “pitch”, don’t bother writing your full article. If they like your idea, they’ll email you back with the guidelines they want. About 95% of the articles on their site are from freelance writers so you may have a shot. They’re one of the few proven websites that pay you for writing.

Transitions Abroad

Get Paid To Write on Transitions Abroad - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Volunteering, Work, Living and Studying Abroad
How Much Can You Make: $50 – $150 (for a 1,250-2,000 word article)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 422.94K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
While not the most aesthetically pleasing website, these guys have tons of articles submitted by people around the world relating to volunteering, working and living abroad. So much so that their “Travel Writer Guidelines for Submissions” page is heavily detailed on what they’re looking from their writers. Overall this is a great place to share that amazing study abroad adventure you had in college and share all those little secrets you learned along the way like don’t buy cheap outlet plug converts or how to use hotel key cards as knives for your PBJ sandwiches. If you have any of those wacky travel stories, consider this one of the first websites that pay you for writing that you try.

Back To College

Get Paid To Write on Back To College - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Things important to adults going back to college
How Much Can You Make: $55+ (for a 1,000-1,500 word article)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 386.82k monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
This is an old-school website but maintains high popularity for people interested in going back to college later in life. This site makes money by ads and selling leads to college recruiters. So articles about sharing your personal story about going back to college or how your thinking about going back to college may be ideal. This may be a great place to get paid to write articles if you’ve ever considered going back to school.

The Travel Writers Life

Get Paid To Write on Travel Writers - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Getting paid to travel whether it’s writing, photography, tours, etc.
How Much Can You Make: $50 – $200 (for a 300-600 word article)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): less than 10K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
This is an interesting writing topic because The Travel Writers Life showcases popular ways people are making money while traveling. So you won’t find any fluffy travel stories here. It’s more about how you paid for your study abroad apartment by working at your landlords banana stand. If you have any stories where you made a little money while traveling, this is a great place to share your story on one of the few websites that pay yforfro writing.

The Matador

Get Paid To Write on Matador - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Wide range of topics from life style, culture to family and night-life
How Much Can You Make: $20 – $60
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 3.35M monthly visitors
Since this is such a popular website they receive numerous writing solicitations and thus don’t have to offer much money for people looking to get paid to write articles. While they don’t pay much, this may be a good place to start if you’re a beginner writer. If you’re looking to try it out, you’ll have to create a profile on their contributor page and send them your article idea. It’ll take them a month or two to review it and if you don’t hear back, don’t take it personally they get a lot of ideas. Try submiting another idea. When it comes to larger websites like this, it’s a numbers game. Luckily you have the option to write about a wide range of topics on their websites that pay you for writing.

A List Apart

Get Paid To Write on A List Apart - Websites That Pay You For Writing


What To Write About: Web development related to code, content, design, process, business, etc.
How Much Can You Make: $50 – $200 (1,500 word articles avg.)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 543.71K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
This is a very niche website related to website development. If this topic interests you, send their team your pitch idea (ideally in a Google Doc) for review. They review all ideas once a week and rarely accept pitches on the first draft. However they’ll likely help you develop your idea further making it worthy of their website. They’re currently looking for new writers so if you have a story to share regarding web development or user experience, shoot them an email.

Flywheel – The Layout

Get Paid To Write on Flywheel Layout - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: All things WordPress Website related
How Much Can You Make: $50 (They give you a list of topics with prices)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 712.64K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
These guys have one of the most efficient ways to get new writers. Beyond their super easy sign-up page where you submit your credentials, they give you a list of topics to write about and how much they’ll pay for each one. It looks like someone on their team realized keywords they want to rank for and added that list for potential writers to write about. Most of the articles they currently have posted only pay $50 per article, but they claim up to $150. Keep in mind, most of the articles they are looking for are related to how to code WordPress websites, so it may be a little niche for most people. If you have the WordPress knowlege though, it’s one of first websites that pay you for writing you should consider.


Get Paid To Write on BootsNAll - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Trip Ideas, Destinations, Travel Adventures (travel stuff)
How Much Can You Make: $50 per article (articles range from 1,200 – 2,000 words)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 160.98K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
This is a site I really enjoyed right after researching. It’s a very indie type travel site where it encourages really exploring your travel destinations over high-end resorts. If you have a travel story/idea that you want to pitch, send it to them after you check out their article guidelines to get paid to write articles. Most of is it pretty basic, but something to keep in mind. If you’re not sure your work is good enough to submit, try their “Guest Post” guide where your article won’t be paid for, but you can submit it in front of their audience. It’s a great way to gain travel writing exposure without much pressure on our list of websites that pay you for writing.

International Living

Get Paid To Write on International Living - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: All things related to retiring overseas (cost, living, places, etc.)
How Much Can You Make: $75 – $400
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 712.64K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
International Living has both a blog/newsletter (they call it a Postcard) and monthly magazine that they’re looking for contributing writers to get paid to write articles. If your article gets accepted to the Postcard, it’s worth around $75 while the monthly magazine is worth $250 for 840 words and $400 for 1,400 words. If you’re curious what to write about, they love inspirational stories about retiring abroad in your dream location (use SEMrush for popular keyword ideas). They want to know how your money will stretch longer in other countries and how that affects healthcare and other lifestyles. If you’ve ever been thinking about retiring in a small tropical country or somewhere cooler, maybe this is one of the websites that pay you for writing for you.


Get Paid To Write on Cracked - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Anything Pop Culture with a funny twist
How Much Can You Make: $100 – $200
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 19.24M monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
While most websites actively look for experienced writers, Cracked is all about encouraging new writers to submit ideas with lots of different ways to contribute and get paid to write articles. You can write the long lists they’re known for like “26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist” or creating funny graphics they can use on their social media accounts. They are heavily reliant on content writers like you can contribute to their online publication. If you think you have a sarcastic or satire writing personality, definitely register as a writer for them and jump into the hilarious world of Cracked. This is one of the most popular websites that pay you for writing on our list.


Get Paid To Write on Photodoto - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Articles About Great Photography
How Much Can You Make: Likely Around $50, not listed
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 151.96K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
This is a really open category, photography. Everyone has tried photography at some point in their life. It’s pretty easy to point and click to great a great image. Either to sell via stock photography, share with your friends or hang up in a gallery. The point is, most people have a photography lesson learned or story to share and Photodoto is the perfect place for topics such as Photography Inspiration, Tips, Gear or post-production. Take a shot at this website to write a guest post, they seem to be very excited to hear about pitch ideas.

The Dollar Stretcher

Get Paid To Write on Dollar Stretcher - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Anything to help people save time and money (stretch your dollar)
How Much Can You Make: $0.10 per word (Most articles 500-700 words)
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 151.96K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
Now, this is a site we can get behind, another personal finance website! If you have some great ways to save money/time this is the place but keep in mind, The Dollar Stretcher has been in circulation since January 1998. They have TONS of articles on how to save money so if you’re going to pitch them you need to be creative, inventive and very specific. They ask you don’t pitch them “7 ways to save on groceries“, but rather “7 ways to save money on ground beef”. If you email them your pitch and don’t hear anything, they likely already have similar content and didn’t bother responding. Try pitching again being more creative, everyone does something cool to save money. It’s a great way to get paid to write articles if you’re able to niche down into specific money saving ideas.


Get Paid To Write on Curbly - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: DIY Home Improvement / Interior Design Projects
How Much Can You Make: Likely Around $50, you set your price.
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 271.60K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
Yay I’ve been looking for a good DIY site where I can get paid to write articles. Curby started as one man’s journey doing home improvement projects and grew into a vibrate community of 271 thousand visits a month focusing on cool home improvement and interior design projects inspiring people. Now they’re one of the top websites that pay you for writing about home improvement projects. If you have a home improvement project that all your friends just rave about, consider pitching Curby to see if it’s a good idea for their site and get paid!

Blog Paws

Get Paid To Write on Blog Paws - Websites That Pay You For Writing

What To Write About: Life of a Pet Owner (tips, hacks, pet stories, etc.)
How Much Can You Make: $75 per article
Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): less than 10K monthly visitors
How To Become A Writer: Sign Up Here
Many websites that pay writers are related to web development or travel so it’s great to see sites like this that pay for articles that most people have experience with, like pets. This site focuses on connecting pet owners through their site and social media. More importantly, they help animal shelters and rescues connect with a wide range of pet owners for possible adoption. Blog Paws really tries to capture the reality of life with pets and can use writers that can help others navigate that world. If you’re a pet owner that can’t stop talking about how great it is to be a pet owner, this may be a perfect place to get paid to write articles on our list of websites that pay you for writing in 2018.

Consider Writing For Your Own Blog

How To Start Your Own Blog That Makes Money on Day 1

Writing for others is a quick way to get paid writing and build up your own portfolio. However, you’re working for other people and making THEM money. Consider using our guide to Starting Your Own Blog That Makes Money on Day 1! This is a nice alternative utilizing your writing creativity. Having your own website allows you to display a portfolio of your writing work and earn money for yourself from the awesome content you create!

Get Paid To Write Articles – Our Thoughts

Hope you like our blueprint for starting to get paid to write articles! We absolutely love websites that pay you for writing, helping fellow freelance writers and side-hustlers. While writing this and looking at the criteria these websites are looking for in contributing writers, it’s actually a really easy way to earn extra money. Most of these websites paying between $50 – $150 per article even for beginners, you could write an article every day for a month (30 days) and make $3,000.