71 Ways to Earn More Money

Can you really make money online? Here is a list of the different ways people have claimed to earn money online. Each of these ways have their own supporters but I won’t advocate for any of them until I try each one. With a new way to earn money popping up every week. This might take awhile…..

1. Design an app

2. Download an app that pays you

In one of my recent post I talk about how app (Adme App Review) will pay you each time you unlock your phone. When you unlock your phone, Adme throws up an ad for you to swipe away. It’s not to intrusive and doesn’t ruin your phone experience. You can earn up to $0.50 a day.

3. Interest Checking Account

I didn’t know what these were 2 years ago. Ever since I started my Interest Checking Account, my checking account has made over $5.57 since September 2015. Keep in mind, that is my Checking Account! Money sitting in this account, that I use every day, is making interest. Cool right?

4. High Interest Saving Account

5. Cashback Credit Card

Just finished a great article sharing how I make $25 a month with my cashback credit card. Yes, there are mileage credit cards and “points” credit cards but there are usually so many restrictions with these, cash is king. With my budget I usually make a minimum of $15 and as high as $40 a month just buying the things I normally buy. It helps knowing when I buy large items, like new tires, that I will receive 2% of that back no matter what promotions they’re doing because it’s through my credit card. So finally in my life, my credit card company is paying me!

6. Write an eBook

7. Mobile Phone Recycling

8. Mystery Shopper

9. Be an extra in a movie

10. Become a Charity Collector

11. Babysitting

12. Dog sitting

13. Rent out your house for filming

14. Be a test subject

15. Busking (aka Street Performing)

16. Be a Call Center Employee from home

17. Data Work Entry

18. Sell your Junk mail

19. Online Betting Sites

20. Online Surveys

I’m personally not a big fan of Online Survey sites. After reviewing survey site Toluna (see post here) I only made $0.66 an hour. That is incredibly low. I am reviewing a few other survey sites in addition, but wanted to let you know online survey sites are not the biggest money makers.

21. Paid Searching

22. User Testing

23. Paid for Activities (Swagbucks)

24. Sell your notes

25. Freelance – Small Jobs

26. Freelance – Large Jobs

27. Shopping Cash Back

28. Gigs on Fiverr

29. Review Music for Money

30. Sell old college books

31. Register for Online Competitions

32. Buy/Sell Domain Names

33. Sell old (Sell old stuff on Amazon)

34. Be a Tutor

35. Sell your Photos (Stock Photography)

36. Rent out your parking space

37. Freelance Writer

38. Ebay – Sell Stuff

39. Craigslist – Sell Stuff

I totally tried this and loved it. Recently I sold my first item on Craigslist in a post called “Sell Something on Craigslist and Make Money“. I sold a guitar that’s been in my closet for over 10 years, which was rarely used. I published it on Craigslist ad and two weeks later, had $100. I think this is one of the quickest way to earn money if you have any extra items laying around your house.

40. Sell Instragram Photos

41. Sell Homemade Crafts

42. Become a virtual assistant

43. Sell Custom T-Shirts

44. Buy Low/Sell High Stocks

45. Teach an online course

46. Rate your local pizza place

47. Help Google

48. Become a Transcriptionist

49. Test Websites

50. Online Focus Group

51. Play TV Trivia

52. Paid to write articles

53. Sell Smartphone Photos

54. Sell your trash

55. Help name a company

You can actually make money naming start-up companies. Start-up companies will fork up $100-$300 to fund a contest on NamingForce.com which creative people such as yourself can submit names based on the Start-up company discription. If your name is selected as the winner, you’ll get the prize. I tried this out in a recent post “Naming Force Review: Make Money Naming Start Ups”. It’s worth a try, but with only one winner and an average of 600 entries per contest. The odds are not in your favor.

56. Airbnb

57. Write company slogans

58. Paid to watch Videos

59. Reclaim Assets & Inheritance

60. Solve Company Problems

61. Paid to Write Reviews

62. Online Tutor or Teacher

63. Beauty Product Seller

64. Paid for Fringe Products

65. Start your own website

66. Create a Blog

67. Create a Website

68. Become a Life Coach

69. Design Websites

70. Become a Mock Juror

71. Play Lottery Tickets

This is such a dumb idea, I DO NOT ever recommend it. In fact, I did a post on playing Lottery Scratch-It Tickets just to prove they don’t work. However when I spent $100 on Scratch-It Tickets and after 3 hours of scratching, I ended up winning $158 in the post “Here’s What Happened When I Spent $100 on Lottery Tickets“. So while in this instance I proved myself wrong, I still stick with the idea that Lottery Tickets are a waste of money. The odds are never on your side.