This is the exact screen shot from my portfolio that I keep track in an excel sheet updated July 9, 2017.

Cash Invested

Portfolio Value

Yearly Dividend

Monthly Dividend





Amount Increase

Percent of Return

Dividends Received




I focus solely on companies (stocks) that produce dividends (revenue from a companies profits) to reach my end goal of creating passive income. An idea that when I receive enough dividends each month, I can replace my regular income or simply add to it.

Each month I invest a minimum $120, plus anything extra, in stocks to follow the rule of Dollar Cost Averaging. An idea that every bi-weekly paycheck I invest at least 100. This way I am investing in both the up cycles of the market as well as the down swings to grow my monthly income. I will update this once a month.

I have started my investing experience as a millennial, utilizing all the technology at my finger tips. I use the Robinhood App as my broker, you really can’t beat $0 trade fees.

CompanyTickerSharesCost BasisMarket ValueWeightYieldSector
Realty Income CorporationO28$1,462.54$1,531.3253.2%4.61%Real Estate
Verizon CommunicationsVZ26$1,218.87$1,130.4844.3%4.95%Telecommunications

Cash Invested – Money I have put in
Stock Value – How much the stock is worth now
Yearly Dividend – Based on yield, this is what I expect to earn yearly in dividends
Monthly Dividends – Average yearly dividend divided by 12 months
Amount Increase – Portfolio – Total Invested
Percent of Return – Percent that Portfolio Value greater than Total Invested
Dividends Received – Amount of dividend payouts I’ve received so far

Company – Name of corporation invested in
Ticker – Abbreviation used to uniquely identify a publicly traded company
Shares – How many shares I own in a company
Cost Basis – How much I bought into the company when I invested
Market Value – How much all my stock shares are currently worth with a company
Weight – Percent of my investment in a particular company compared to the rest of my portfolio
Yield – Percent of dividends I receive yearly from the Market Value
Sector – Type of company