Income Report

Starting September, 2015 I begun my adventure of creating truly passive income. I am building a diversified portfolio of dividend stocks that can produce a regular monthly income. The below income reports show exactly how much my current portfolio makes per month PLUS how much additional money I make online (and how). Everything I earn is added to my stock portfolio. I am both nervous, excited and anxious to see the returns of my ever growing dividend portfolio.

2017Online Monthly IncomeSee Full Report
June, 2017$385.63See June, 2017 Report
May, 2017$80.48See May, 2017 Report
April, 2017$68.33See April, 2017 Report
March, 2017$265.87See March, 2017 Report
February, 2017$54.27See February, 2017 Report
January. 2017$265.30See January, 2017 Report
2016Online Monthly IncomeSee Full Report
December, 2016$74.88See December, 2016 Report
November, 2016$79.02See November, 2016 Report
October, 2016$52.43See October, 2016 Report
September, 2016$66.43See September, 2016 Report
August, 2016$60.07See August, 2016 Report
July, 2016$49.63See July, 2016 Report
June, 2016$48.97See June, 2016 Report
May, 2016$55.00See May, 2016 Report
April, 2016$68.53See April, 2016 Report
March, 2016$70.14See March, 2016 Report
February, 2016$24.95See February, 2016 Report
January. 2016$48.17See January, 2016 Report
2015Online Monthly IncomeSee Full Report
December, 2015$70.80See December, 2015 Report
November, 2015$61.19See November, 2015 Report
October, 2015$237.97See October, 2015 Report
September, 2015$115.98See September, 2015 Report