Income Report – November, 2017

Every month I publish our income reports. These are a “behind the curtains” look at how much Wallet Squirrel (Andrew & Adam) make online. As well as what we do with it.

Typically Adam takes his share of our extra monthly income and pays off his debt and Andrew (me) uses his portion to invest in stocks.

This is great for YOU because we’re covering both major forms of personal finance as we’re writing about both saving and investing. Ying and Yang if you will.

Cool Stuff We Covered In November

Andrew got excited about stocks

Adam’s rocked personal finance and productivity

During November, Our Side Hustles Earned Money

This month we didn’t have any big affiliate sales, which is fine, but hurt our monthly income. We only made $89.57 which is 47% decrease from last month’s $171.10. Graphically, this is how it breaks down.

A few cents shy of $90 which for some reason feels like so much more. Still cool that we made $89.57 from these:

$24.10 – Dividends
$23.94 – Cashback Credit Card
$14.95 – Seeking Alpha Articles
$12.50 – Ebates
$5.17 – Wallet Squirrel AdSense
$3.62 – Lending Club
$3.31 – Stock Photography
$1.39 – Interest Checking/Savings Account
$0.59 – Wallet Squirrel Affiliate Marketing

All of these totals are small. Like really small, but they add up. Most of these are passive incomes, so we’ll continue to do everything we can to build these up!

Anyone notice that my dividend stock portfolio made the most money out of all these passive income streams?

What Do We Do With That $89.57?

Wallet Squirrel is unique in that we show you where all of our money goes. That $89.57 is my portion of our extra monthly income so it goes towards investing and my portfolio, found here. In particular, I bought 1 share of Disney earlier this month as I explained in my article talking about how Disney will soon rock streaming TV.

Adam uses his portion of our extra side income to help pay down his house mortgage and student loans. His goal is to be debt free while mine is to invest and buy more stocks. Both good ideas!

Let’s Talk Goals for Next Month

Did I mean last month’s (October’s) goals? – Yes

Considering I left my goal mysterious, it wasn’t hard to beat. However, that mysterious excitement was about the Epic Niche Site Battle I’m doing in 2018. I think I have an idea of the niche site to build, but I’m still trying to nail down a domain name. It’s surprisingly hard.

December Goals

I am REALLY trying to nail down that domain name and think through on my process because once January 1st hits. I need to be going full stream on the new niche site! Remember this is a competition and I’m using everything I know to build a niche site so strong, it becomes sentient and runs itself. #goals

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  1. Dividend Diplomats
    Dividend Diplomats says:

    Guys – this report is amazing. I loved reading every darn second of it. The competitive spirit, the great things you two are doing. Plus, the article format looks amazing. So many great things to congratulate the two of you on. Thanks for the great inspiration tonight and keep up the great work.


    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      Hey Bert!

      I really appreciate that comment. We’re every day developing our style and what motivates us to continue Wallet Squirrel and we realized that we’re both really competitive, so we’re using that more and more. Thanks so much and that comment made my day!

  2. DivHut
    DivHut says:

    The hustle continues. Great report as always as your income stream continues to flow from a wide variety of sources. Every dollar counts and that’s reflected in your income report. Just think, $90 can go towards a lot of great things in any month. Pay some bills, add a share or two of stock, have fun, whatever. Keep it going!


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