Income Report – July, 2016

I’m playing catch up with my monthly reports, I just also released my June, 2016 Income Report. It’s been a little crazy these last 2 months with moving apartments, work (yes I still have a full-time job) and social life. Here are some photos of my new studio apartment, wahoo!

The social life part is definitely needed. If I ever expect to meet a nice girl, I need to at least go out and find them. I have not yet discovered any gorgeous girls randomly wondering into my apartment. Unless that’s a thing, is that a thing?

Back to my Income Report. While I’ve been off galavanting, my dividends have been consistantly moving to make me money. I use the Robinhood App for my brokerage account and I consistently get phone notifications say “Walt Disney (DIS) has paid $2.13 in dividends”. Which both makes me really excited since I didn’t have to do anything to earn that. Then at the same time I get this AWFUL gut feeling that I’ve been slacking on Wallet Squirrel.

So I’m playing catch up and thinking about additional ways to make extra income in addition to dividends. But while we’re focused on dividends, this is what I made this month.


Honestly, I haven’t done much. Mainly I’ve been still attending a Denver Mastermind with other start-ups and entrepreneurs chatting about what it takes to be successful and sharing some awesome tips to make our businesses better. Because as you know, I would eventually love to do this full-time. I just need to make more than $49.63 to leave my current job.

Unless I leave all my worldly possessions, family and friends moving to a third world country where I can live off of $49.63 a month. That could work right? Maybe, I’ll save that as a backup plan.

My Goals this month

Does anyone else hate writing goals? Everyone I write them, I get REALLY ambitious but never reach all of them. Perhaps that the “Reach for the stars and you’ll land on the Moon” philosphy. The pain of not reaching my goals is usually worse than any happiness when I meet them.

So here are some easy goals:

  1. Try my first article on to see if one can get paid to write. Who knows?
  2. Completely unrelated to finance, but I want to create some kind of easy breakfast routine. Does anyone know of any good breakfast protein shake ideas? Especially recipes that are EASY?
  3. Limit myself to Sundays and Tues-Friday to write good content. That means not going out every night. I can do this.
  4. Add 5 people to my email list.

I only have a few people on my email list. Do you have any suggestions to build an email list?

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    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      Thanks Stefan, FINALLY settled in. So I just need to figure out what exactly will be a good topic to start on. Appreciate the support and looking forward to getting back to commenting on your awesome site!

    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      I can ABSOLUTELY post about my mailing tips, but my mailing list is SUPER small, centered around some awesome people.

      How about I tell you IF you sign up to be on my mailing list? Think that will work? lol =)

  1. DivHut
    DivHut says:

    Happy to read this recent income report. Nice to see some diversified passive revenue roll even while you have to deal with a move, life, etc. I know a move is a big time hassle. No one wants to do it. Kind of makes you want to live a clutter free life and own less stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • Wallet Squirrel
      Wallet Squirrel says:

      I’m about as clutter free as I’ve ever been living in a studio apartment. All my belongs are located in my living room/dining room/kitchen/lounge/sitting room aka my 1-room apartment.

      I guess, I could always have even less stuff. =P


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