Income Report – November, 2016

I’m getting caught up with these Income Reports. It’s a chance for me to share the different passive income streams that combined, made nearly $80.

This will be short and sweet, here is the November, 2016 infographic.


Income Report – October, 2016

Not going to lie, I’ve been working on other stuff, but that’s good. The last couple months I have been meeting with my team on my Affiliate Site that focuses on Halloween Superhero Costumes. It’s been an interesting ride since we set it up 3 years ago. The first year we put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it and it grew really well!

The last 2 years though have not been so focused. In fact, we flat well gave up on it. In year 2, after not touching it for a while, it did just as good as the previous year, in fact, a little better. So we just said “Screw it, let’s not touch it again next year”. Bad Idea.

This last year not touching the affiliate site hurt tremendously. Considering last year we made $600 on Halloween’s October, this year we made $20. Ouch.

So I’ve been dividing my time between Wallet Squirrel, My Affiliate Site and my full-time job. Out of those 3, Wallet Squirrel has suffered the most. No matter what though, I LOVE producing these monthly reports.


What’s on my mind

  1. Like the goal of Wallet Squirrel, I’m hoping to find new ways to make money and invest that to create passive income. Yet as from the above Income Report. Wallet Squirrel doesn’t make very much so I’m anxiously finding new ways.

Really that’s it, I’m trying to come up with new ways to create passive income. Even spending my free time coming up with recurring revenue business ideas.

Question: Think anyone would pay $1/mo to get text messages each month for important Holidays and minor Holidays like International Pirates Day?

Income Report – September, 2016

So it’s official. Doing nothing averages around $60 for me. That’s a pretty awesome thing. The full breakdown is below, but how cool is that? Doing nothing still makes me $60. If I could live off $60 then I could quit everything right now. That’s $60 for life.


Things I accomplished in September:

1. I wrote a really cool article “What Happens to Debt When You Die?“. It stemmed from a friend’s request and I was excited to write it. It’s gotten a lot of great press and I think it came out pretty darn neat. The infographic turned out pretty sweet.

Yea, that’s about it. I’ve been easily distracted by Netflix and shiny objects.

Things to accomplish in October:

Is it OK to say, just 2 new articles in October and slowly make my way up?

Income Report – August, 2016

As I start ramping Wallet Squirrel back up, I’m reminded that no matter what I do. There are some passive income strategies that keep earning me money. So dear passive income. Thank you.


Let’s talk Double Cash Back Credit Card

During a recent Entrepreneur Meet and Greet in Denver (yes, I go to these). It was pointed by a fellow entrepreneur who read my blog (eek, people read this) that we should clarify good and bad ways to use a credit card.

See, I pay off my entire credit card debt daily, since I paid mine off in 2015. So I treat my credit card like cash. I know that I am going to HAVE to pay it all off the next day so anything that I’m willing to pay cash for, I use credit. Mainly just for the 2% cash back.

It was pointed out though, that some people may not know this difference and could continue their spiral of debt. I’m obviously not condoning this. Only use a credit card if you have good credit card habits. It’s easy to say you’re getting 2% back with a credit card, but things still cost 98%.

Moral of the story. It’s hard to say my 2% Cash Back Credit Card is a sort of passive income. Especially if I’m using it to buy wants like Colorado Rockies Tickets. However, a majority of the time I use my Cash Back Credit Card on purchases I’m going to make anyways, so I consider it passive income.

Monthly Goals (I HATE monthly goals)

I have a bad habit of not liking being told what to do. Once I write something down, I’m telling myself to do something and sometimes that’s a bit much. Especially when the guilt of failing a to-do list is a lot worse than actually accomplishing something. Maybe I’ll rename this “Some things Andrew, could maybe do in the future, if he wants”. Catchy right?

  1. Write 2 posts this month on how to earn additional income. That’s what this site is about and let’s get down to the roots.
  2. Comment on 70 blogs. I came to this number because I have 70 blogs on my “To Read” list. Let me know if you want to be on this list.

Income Report – July, 2016

I’m playing catch up with my monthly reports, I just also released my June, 2016 Income Report. It’s been a little crazy these last 2 months with moving apartments, work (yes I still have a full-time job) and social life. Here are some photos of my new studio apartment, wahoo!

The social life part is definitely needed. If I ever expect to meet a nice girl, I need to at least go out and find them. I have not yet discovered any gorgeous girls randomly wondering into my apartment. Unless that’s a thing, is that a thing?

Back to my Income Report. While I’ve been off galavanting, my dividends have been consistantly moving to make me money. I use the Robinhood App for my brokerage account and I consistently get phone notifications say “Walt Disney (DIS) has paid $2.13 in dividends”. Which both makes me really excited since I didn’t have to do anything to earn that. Then at the same time I get this AWFUL gut feeling that I’ve been slacking on Wallet Squirrel.

So I’m playing catch up and thinking about additional ways to make extra income in addition to dividends. But while we’re focused on dividends, this is what I made this month.


Honestly, I haven’t done much. Mainly I’ve been still attending a Denver Mastermind with other start-ups and entrepreneurs chatting about what it takes to be successful and sharing some awesome tips to make our businesses better. Because as you know, I would eventually love to do this full-time. I just need to make more than $49.63 to leave my current job.

Unless I leave all my worldly possessions, family and friends moving to a third world country where I can live off of $49.63 a month. That could work right? Maybe, I’ll save that as a backup plan.

My Goals this month

Does anyone else hate writing goals? Everyone I write them, I get REALLY ambitious but never reach all of them. Perhaps that the “Reach for the stars and you’ll land on the Moon” philosphy. The pain of not reaching my goals is usually worse than any happiness when I meet them.

So here are some easy goals:

  1. Try my first article on to see if one can get paid to write. Who knows?
  2. Completely unrelated to finance, but I want to create some kind of easy breakfast routine. Does anyone know of any good breakfast protein shake ideas? Especially recipes that are EASY?
  3. Limit myself to Sundays and Tues-Friday to write good content. That means not going out every night. I can do this.
  4. Add 5 people to my email list.

I only have a few people on my email list. Do you have any suggestions to build an email list?

Income Report – June, 2016

Sorry guys, I’ve been in this insane transitional moving schedule moving my apartment from the suburbs of Denver into the heart of downtown. Thus I have been COMPLETELY failing at my blogging duties.

However, I’m now up and running in the new place and plan to hit the ground running. No more roommate distractions slowing me down, plus now I only have a 10 min walk to work so that means more time to blogging duties! I’m excited for this new chapter of my life.

Let’s get to the point, while I’ve been slacking on life, my dividends have been working it. Here is my June, 2016 Income Report.

June 2016, Dividend Monthly Income Report Infographic

Income Report – May, 2016

I’ve made it to the future!

Well, I can see the future at least. This month marks the first time dividends out shot all of my other incomes. Even the infamous cash back credit card that usually averages $25. That’s right I make money off my credit card. Proud of it.

In the future, my dividends will be my primary source of income so it’s nice to see when it’s the highest earning income stream in this income report. It can be done!

My Reality Check

If I want to reach financial independence or better yet BF (Boss Free) I need to step up my game. What the hell am I going to do with $55/mo? Oh, by the way, I made $55 this month. I may be able to dig a hobbit hole under a bridge and live off the dead fish from the oil runoff, but let’s be real. That’s a luxury only people with $60/mo can afford.

I NEED, HAVE, MUST find some additional ways to make extra money. My mother always said “follow your dreams”, so here I am following my dreams of eliminating 8-5. This is me saying screw you 8-5, I will beat you superficial social construct with your own time clock. Mwha Mwha I feel cool.

Some Glimmers of Hope

Lending Club continues to surprise me bringing in nearly $3 this month. It may not sound like a lot, but I only invested $300! That’s 1% a month or average 12% if you forget how many months are in a year. I sometimes forget what day it is. Thank goodness there’s an app for that.

Dividends, oh you beauties, outstanding job this month! That’s $25.01 in one month. Yes, other Dividend Bloggers made WAY more this month, but I put mine in pretty colors so it’s worth seeing. That’s cool right?

Google Adsense also made a showing this month. Let me tell you, I used to think Google Adsense was a shame. I’ve added it to a number of other affiliate sites in the past. Maybe there were crappy websites (OK, yes they absolutely were) but I made $0 to a few cents a year. A YEAR! I practically gave up on them. It’s like Melissa in 8th grade, I’ll do her homework on the off chance she’ll go out with me. She never did, but I kept doing it…..

Back to the point, Google Adsense came through with my best month ever at $8.89. Again, doesn’t seem like much, but it feels like I just climbed a mountain. I know it works, and more importantly, it proves people read this thing. There is a HUGE amount of satisfaction knowing that I’m not typing away, practicing my creative writing to random ghost of the internet. If there are ghost on the internet, I very much appreciate you and please keep reading.

Here is an infographic (because that’s totally my thing now) of my Income Report for May, 2016

May 2016, Dividend Monthly Income Report Infographic

What I accomplished this month

It was an awesome month because I’ve joined my first Master Mind, which sounds like a cult, but isn’t. In fact, I first heard the term while listening to Pat Flynn. So naturally I wanted to follow in his footsteps and join my own cult, sorry Master Mind.

Essentially the Master Mind is just a group of starting entrepreneurs that help each other out with challenges we all face. Creating good content, how to grow an audience, WTF is marketing and how to be someone worth reading about.

In short, it’s awesome and I’m creating some great stuff for you guys (yes, you reading this). Here are some things I’ve accomplished:

1. Set up my Mail Chimp Account. Now rather than an email from my Gmail account. I can keep a mailing list through MailChimp and send totally professional mailers. Plus it has an easy subscribe and unsubscribe button. I don’t spam, but don’t want to be a dick and send you emails you don’t want.

Actually right now, signup for my email list below. Do it, do it now. I’ll wait. I have like 7 awesome people currently but REALLY want to make it to 10. I keep low goals so I don’t cry at night. I only send out emails ONCE a month of my Income Reports. I’ll be cool, I promise.

2. Signed up to be a contributor to the stock news website. I’m somewhat following in the footsteps of Justin Feider, but so far I’ve just signed up. I still need to write my first article. Once I do, I share a link here. I’m both terrified and insanely excited!

3. Sent my first guest post email. That means I sent a blogger, who I really admire, an email asking if I could do a guest post. Let me tell you, I was so freaking nervous. I sat here for an hour looking over a 5 sentence email tweaking and critiquing every word. However the blogger loved the idea and I’m crafting the article with a sick infographic now. Let me know if YOU would be interested in collaborating together in the future? Yes, you reader.

My goals this month

1. Obviously, finish up my first every guest post and article submission for Seeking I keep asking myself, how do I make an article awesome. MORE INFOGRAPHICS comes to mind, right behind MORE COWBELL. No seriously, you guys are awesome and I’ll create some great content.

2. Get more active on Quora. It’s a question and answer platform if you’re not familiar with it (like Yahoo Answers). I’ve been answering some awesome dividend and general life questions and getting thousands of views and sweet feedback. Check out my Quora page.

3. My #1 goal this month is to increase traffic to Wallet Squirrel. I’m still blanking on how to do that right now so any ideas would be great. Seriously, any ideas would be awesome. I’m thinking of paying $5 on Fiverr so someone will stand on the side of the road for 30 minutes with a Wallet Squirrel sign. Too much, not enough?

What’s worked for you this month increasing traffic to your site or earning extra income?

Income Report – April, 2016

April 2016, Dividend Monthly Income Report Infographic

So close! I was $1.61 less than I made last month (bummer). Here’s how I made $68.53 this month.

PS. My entire portfolio is now at a little over $7,000. That’s more money than I’ve ever had. How FREAKING COOL! I love passive ways to make money. Here’s how I made extra cash in the month of April.


My double cashback credit card was my financial MVP again from some of my larger purchases the month prior when I went on a bit of a spending spree. I gained $42.69 which is my highest paycheck from my credit card ever bringing the total of $218.74 my credit card company has paid me in the last 8 months. HA! Take that you credit card vultures.

Otherwise, my Dividends this month took second place bringing in $8.68 from Comcast, Realty Income Corporation (you awesome stock) and Coca-Cola. Even though I quit drinking caffeine (I’m weird right?). Coca-Cola is still paying me my dividends because I own 8 shares of that majestic company. Quit caffeine, but never dividends.

All my additional extra income was all sub $5 so I don’t need to speak about it, except my Affiliate Website #1. That brought in a whopping $7.15. Which isn’t much, but I’m currently revamping this website to bring it up to date to share with everyone here! That’s right, I’m hoping to FINALLY release what my affiliate website now that has made $400 in the last 8 months. Why not tell you now? Well, I’m a storyteller and want to dazzle you.

Goals I reached last month

  • One of my big goals was to make my blog more graphic, telling stories with both words and pictures. I’ve been having a blast creating infographics and I hope to do more of these in future. They seem to have been a huge hit and I think it’ll continue to set my blog apart. Yay for a little unique in a very saturated market! They limit me to one a week, but I feel they’re worth it, right?

What’s Next?

  1. I’ve started to get more involved with other Denver Start Up Companies and Entrepreneurs. It’s been awesome. We’ve been meeting over drinks and sharing how they’ve grown their blogs and companies. So many GREAT ideas and I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you all who have provided me great insight including fellow blogger Stefan from Millennial Budget for some great Twitter conversations this last month.
  2. I want to start building my email list. I have some awesome people that have chosen to join the Wallet Squirrel Community and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just want to find a way to make it easier for others to join my email community so we can help each other out.

What do you think of Wallet Squirrel becoming more graphic oriented?

Income Report – March, 2016

March 2016, Dividend Monthly Income Report Infographic


I’m trying something new this month, my income report is now displayed via infographic below. People love pretty pictures and as a designer, I can do pretty pictures. What do you think of it?


I broke $70 once again! This is in large to my Cash Back Credit Card because I recently made some large purchases like a new tux (work thing) as well as nice watch. I try not to go excessive buying luxuries, but I when I do, I like to get something that last, much like my dividends.

I had a record number with my dividend income reaching $13.93. That is fantastic. That just proves if I could live off of $13.93 a month I could NOW retire. Unfortunately I can’t because I live in Denver, and there is just WAY to much cool shit to do.

I’m now testing that $13.93 I made from Dividends on a $6,000 portfolio vs the $3.30 I made off of Lending Club with a $300 portfolio. The lending club portfolio is roughly 12% which is so much better than my dividend investing portfolio. Let’s keep track of this and see how it continues to mature.

What’s Next:

  1. I recently had a random encounter with Mike Kilcoyne of “Embrace the Suck” while I was out the other night and man, this guy is awesome. While we connected on our entrepreneur spirit. He asked some amazing questions about Wallet Squirrel that I never thought to ask. Afterward I started to peruse his website and the articles & writing are fantastic. I’ve been going over his post the good part of this weekend. I know this random encounter and lessons discussed will improve the direction I want to take Wallet Squirrel in the future.
  2. I want to start incorporating more graphics into my post like the infographic above. I am a designer within the investing world, I have a unique edge on most dividend investors in the way I can graphically tell a story. I want to start developing this.
  3. Continue to build my audience. This website is both how to make extra money and invest those funds. I’ve been targeting dividend investors, but people wanting to learn how to make extra money would find value in Wallet Squirrel as well. I need to show them what I’ve done that works and doesn’t.

What do you think of the new infographic set up?

Income Report – February 2016

Wahoo had my highest dividend payment this month! Unfortunately the rest of my passive income streams didn’t quite measure up, but I’ll go into that later.

Dividend Income shot up to $12.14 this month, a large part to my recent acquisition of a few more shares of Realty Income (O) one of my favorite stocks. The monthly dividend company added $4.76 to my monthly dividends. That’s higher than my 1% saving account which is awesome. It validates my practice of dividend investing rather than stashing away all my income into a low-interest saving account. Even though my saving account is pretty awesome, 1% just can’t beat 4.49%. In fact all my dividend stocks have a better yield than my savings account. Coincidence? Nope, I planned that.

Even with my highest dividend payment yet, my total income (minus my primary job) was $24.95.


Additional Income

February, 2016


Interest Checking


Interest Saving


Cash Back Credit Card


Wallet Squirrel Website (Adsense)


Halloween Costume Website (Viglink)




Realty Income Corporation (O)


The Clorox Company (CLX)


The Procter & Gamble Company (PG)


Verizon Communications



Reasons why this was one of the lowest months.

  1. My Halloween Costume Website specializes in Halloween Costumes and well, it’s February so it’s not the most rocking of places right now. This usually starts ramping back up in June so I’m not too worried.
  2. My 2% Cash Back Credit Card usually averages $25.52 a month, because I use my credit card for EVERYTHING and pay it off daily so I maintain a $0 balance. Lately though, I’ve been living more on a budget and been reducing my spending. So with reduced spending, I don’t get as much cash back. I’m OK with this.

Plans for the next month.

  1. I hope to write some more content and review my Halloween Costume Website. I think this has a lot of potential and lately with Amazon recently abiding by the Colorado Sales Tax, I can become an Amazon Affiliate again. This increases my potential 10 fold because I now can sell Amazon products on my website.
  2. I’ve increased my savings account so that should add $2 in next month’s income report, very cool.
  3. I should get my first taste at my Lending Club income, I wrote a post on this earlier and now my first interest check should be coming in, in March.
  4. I’m hoping to learn what I can do about increasing my Adsense. Supposedly Pat Flynn with Smart Passive Income has been averaging around $2,000 a month with his security guard website. I need to figure out how just to get pass $1.