Best Survey Sites That Pay Cash

 The only reason anyone should take a survey is to get paid or to help out a college friend who is working on their class thesis. I’m going to focus on the former. Here is my list of the best survey sites that pay cash. As always, I recommend any cash you make, invest it.

Keep in mind, survey sites work on the premise that companies approach survey site companies to answer a particular set of questions. These questions are usually focused on certain demographics. That’s why each of the below sites ask what race, age, income level, etc. before you begin. The survey sites collect your answers and the companies pay for those responses which in turn get distributed to you. That’s how you get paid! Although survey sites don’t ever pay you enough for your responses, on average $5 – $6 per hour. So obviously I’m not a big fan, but here are 4 of the best.


  1. Swagbucks – One of the most well-known marketing and survey sites. Swagbucks has created such a following that they even expand beyond surveys and even have task related activities to help you earn an extra buck. Such as go to a local store and confirm that Cheerios is where the grocery store says it’s at. You’d be surprised how the placement of grocery store items affects your buying potential. Next time you’re at the store, notice how all the brand names are at eye level. If you’re going to start off with any survey site, I’d recommend Swagbucks first. They are one of the biggest companies, so they must be doing something right.

 InboxDollars - Logo

  1. Inbox Dollars – After being around since 2000, Inbox Dollars knows how to make it simple. Get emailed a survey, fill out and get paid. Seems nice right? Well it is. Like most survey sites, Inbox Dollars pays first come, first serve. So as soon as you get the email asking you to fill out the survey, jump on it. Although this is another survey site I like, they run out of surveys fast.

 Toluna Logo

  1. Toluna – Here is a great app. Toluna makes it easy to sign up and get up and running through their nicely made apps. Toluna is just like the two above sites but just regularly receive high praise for the design of their website making it easy for survey takers.

 Google Opinion Rewards

  1. Google Opinion Rewards – I wasn’t originally going to add Google Opinion Rewards to this list since all the money you earn can only be traded in for Google Play points. Which sucks. I am all about investing the extra cash you earn and these guys make you buy from their own marketplace. Whatever. The nice thing that makes Google Opinion Rewards important enough to be added to this list is well, they are Google. They know how to design amazing stuff and with a company slogan of “Do no evil”. You have a company that everyone trust for their favorite search engine now creating their own survey platform.

Survey Tips

  • Create a separate email account – when registering to these survey sites. They will email you constantly with offers and part of their agreements usually include selling your email address to their parties
  • Be Honest – It makes no sense to lie. Plus sometimes their survey algorithms recognize if your contradicting yourself hitting “A” over and over to get through the survey fast.
  • Stay within the survey platform – Sometimes surveys will ask to register on a company’s website or leave their platform to accomplish or sign up for something. I personally don’t recommend this. I think anytime you need to register for something else, it’s sketchy and I just leave the survey.
  • Keep track of your points – Sometimes these expire or need to fill out over 500 survey’s to earn $5. Not worth it.
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  1. dividenddreamer
    dividenddreamer says:

    Nice job with the list. Do you have personal experience with each of them. I attempted a go at it a while back, but I guess I must have missed something because my attempt was for naught. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer
    AKA — Seeking Dividends

    Follow me on Twitter– Seeking Dividends@DividendDreamer

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Hi Dividend Dreamer, you know I’ve played around with them before but got bored and wrote this from my general opinions.

      HOWEVER I’ve been starting to really review them in depth lately. See my recent post on survey site Toluna, and realized it took 45 hours to earn $30 or $0.66 an hour. That really killed my hope for using survey sites to buy stock. I’m hoping to find some better ways to earn extra cash soon. This week though I am testing out Swagbucks and I’ll let you know what I think.


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