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Income Report – December, 2016

Every blog does an expansive end of the year recap, let’s not do that. The beginning of the year was off to a solid start and slipped by the end of the year due to me moving downtown. Yes, downtown has been rough on me. Every weekend there is something to do. So I’ve spent […]

Income Report – October, 2016

Not going to lie, I’ve been working on other stuff, but that’s good. The last couple months I have been meeting with my team on my Affiliate Site that focuses on Halloween Superhero Costumes. It’s been an interesting ride since we set it up 3 years ago. The first year we put a lot of […]

Income Report – September, 2016

So it’s official. Doing nothing averages around $60 for me. That’s a pretty awesome thing. The full breakdown is below, but how cool is that? Doing nothing still makes me $60. If I could live off $60 then I could quit everything right now. That’s $60 for life. Things I accomplished in September: 1. I […]

What Happens to Debt When You Die?

Three weeks ago, over a cold glass of some Colorado craft beer. A buddy asked me “What happens to debt when you die”. Now this wasn’t a morbid question, I’ve simply just become the personal finance guy in my little group of friends, and he wanted to know what happens. Awkwardly though, my response was, […]

How I Just Saved Money On A Parking Ticket

Last week as I returned to my car, I noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of my car door in a familiar yellow envelope common to Denver’s Parking Division. Not sure why they no longer put them on windshields, but my reaction was the same. F**K. However, I figured out a way to […]

Income Report – July, 2016

I’m playing catch up with my monthly reports, I just also released my June, 2016 Income Report. It’s been a little crazy these last 2 months with moving apartments, work (yes I still have a full-time job) and social life. Here are some photos of my new studio apartment, wahoo! The social life part is […]

Income Report – June, 2016

Sorry guys, I’ve been in this insane transitional moving schedule moving my apartment from the suburbs of Denver into the heart of downtown. Thus I have been COMPLETELY failing at my blogging duties. However, I’m now up and running in the new place and plan to hit the ground running. No more roommate distractions slowing […]