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Latest Stock Buys and Watch Lists

Yes I’m new to the stock market, but come on, even I know this is a bit crazy. Ups, downs and all around insanity. Get your act together! It’s awesome being a dividend investor right now because my current plan of action is to ignore the craziness. Can I get a “Amen”? My portfolio worth […]

Income Report – April, 2016

So close! I was $1.61 less than I made last month (bummer). Here’s how I made $68.53 this month. PS. My entire portfolio is now at a little over $7,000. That’s more money than I’ve ever had. How FREAKING COOL! I love passive ways to make money. Here’s how I made extra cash in the […]

Income Report – March, 2016

  I’m trying something new this month, my income report is now displayed via infographic below. People love pretty pictures and as a designer, I can do pretty pictures. What do you think of it? Highlights: I broke $70 once again! This is in large to my Cash Back Credit Card because I recently made […]