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Getting Caught up with Recent Buys

Not going to lie to you, keeping up with a blog is tough. I’ve been slacking on you WalletSquirrel. WalletSquirrel grew from such a GREAT concept of earning money beyond the day job and I need to play catch up a bit with my most recent stocks before I continue my financial freedom journey. Recent […]

Income Report – February 2016

Wahoo had my highest dividend payment this month! Unfortunately the rest of my passive income streams didn’t quite measure up, but I’ll go into that later. Dividend Income shot up to $12.14 this month, a large part to my recent acquisition of a few more shares of Realty Income (O) one of my favorite stocks. […]

HCP down 32% two days after buy, WTF

I knew this would happen, but why so soon? Last Monday I finally decided to pull the trigger on HCP, a healthcare REIT that has a diversity of healthcare facilities in its portfolio including senior housing, life science facilities, medical office buildings, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Essentially HCP owns the facilities and healthcare organizations […]