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Oh, We’re Getting Faster

As Adam mentioned in Monday’s article, we are revamping and drastically improving Wallet Squirrel. =) In the last 3 months we have about doubled in traffic so we’re committing more resources to Wallet Squirrel and that means upgrading to Bluehost. Specifically we upgraded to the Pro Plan. Yay for growing! Why Bluehost? Well because ONE […]

Income Report – April, 2017

Why do I publish my Income Reports? This is a trend I started after seeing many of my blogging friends publish what they made online. If it wasn’t for them publishing where they made their money, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to make money online. Now I continue this journey, proving it is […]

Income Report – March, 2017

Have you ever sold $6,000 worth of stocks at 7:40 in the morning while eating Captain Crunch? I have. Following last week’s post on my Cost-Benefit Analysis, Invest my Tax Return or Pay Off my Car. I came to a decision. I will pay off my car. I am using my $3,200 tax refund (plus […]